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The GDB Song

 [colorful rounded image of the Head of a GNU]

with thanks to Joel Bion, Mark Baushke, and Lynn Slater.
published earlier in
GNU's Bulletin No. 4.

Somebody asked us what was GDB. With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II, Richard Rodgers, and Julie Andrews, we offered the following reply:

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start,

When you're learning to sing, its Do, Re, Mi;
When you're learning to code, its G, D, B.

(background) G, D, B.

The first three letters just happen to be, G, D, B.

(background) G, D, B.


GNU!, it's Stallman's hope,
a break I set myself.
debug that rotten code,
a far, far way to go.
to see what you have done,
a patch that follows print.
and recompile your code - - -

That will bring it back to G,

(Resume from the Chorus)


The song on this page was originally obtained from the FSF's email archives of the GNU Project.

The Free Software Foundation claims no copyrights on this song.

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