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09 Dec 2005
Stop the French government from prohibiting free software! See the FSF news item for more information, and sign the petition.
05 Dec 2005
Richard Stallman will be on the Alex Jones radio show from 13:00 to 14:00 EST on 2005-12-06. For more information, see http://www.prisonplanet.com.
30 Nov 2005
The GPL3 process is picking up steam. The FSF has released its GPL3 Process Definition, which gives the details and sets the schedule for how the new license draft will develop. Read the document and sign up for the new GPLv3 announcement mailing list at gplv3.fsf.org.
28 Oct 2005
Stop the sabotage of OpenDocument! Please attend the public hearing in Boston on Monday, October 31 from 1pm to 5pm in Hearing Room A1 at the State House. Bring small paper signs to show your support. See www.fsf.org for more information.
14 Oct 2005
MPAA and RIAA are trying (again) to push through the Broadcast Flag, without a hearing. Read EFF's report and take action.
28 August 2005
Listen to RMS interviewed on the GNU/Linux User Show in OGG format.
15 August 2005
The US Copyright Office is asking for comments on requiring the use of Internet Explorer for a new preregistration service. The FSF is collecting, delivering, and posting comments opposing this requirement. Send us your comments by August 18!
06 July 2005
The European Parliament has voted (648 to 14) against an attempt to impose software patents in Europe!
21 June 2005
The FSF is hiring for a Senior GNU/Linux Systems Administrator and Programmer position.
21 June 2005
Richard Stallman's article Patent Absurdity, calling on the European Parliament to reject rules allowing software patents, appears in the Guardian.
13 May 2005
Free Software loving Christians might be interested in taking a look at Penguin in the Pew, a book by Don Parris which expands on the philosophies from a Christian perspective. (Note that this is a third party work and thus not the official view of the FSF.)
10 May 2005
The Free Software, Free Society (FSFS) Conference, organized by Government and civil society organizations from Brazil, Italy, Venezuela and India, is scheduled for 28-30 May 2005 in the Southern Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), the capital of the province of Kerala.
06 May 2005
The FSF is looking for volunteers to build, test and package fully free versions of OpenOffice.org 2.0 that use GCJ as a replacement for the non-free Java platform. Please look at this page for a list of bugs, patches and feature requests needed for better support and instructions for testing and reporting bugs to the GCJ and OpenOffice.org teams.
04 April 2005
There is a vital need to draw the Free Software community's attention to the ongoing development work on Free Flash and Free Java platforms. These projects are important because computer users are continually being seduced into using non-free software, because there is no adequate free replacement.
08 March 2005
FSF associate members should RSVP for this year's annual meeting. Richard Stallman, Eben Moglen, Lawrence Lessig and more will be speaking.
18 February 2005
The FSF is hiring a full-time Program Assistant.
16 February 2005
There will be a demonstration against software patents in Brussels
16 February 2005
The FSF has appointed a new Executive Director and got a new, distinct website.
22 January 2005
URGENT: The European software patent directive is being introduced at the Council for Agriculture and Fishery on January 24. More info here. Immediate action is necessary! More information can be found on Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure's website.
04 January 2005
Current FSF associate members will receive a customized message recorded by RMS or Eben Moglen, suitable for use as the greeting on their answering machine, voicemail or home page, when they inspire three new people to join as annual members!
03 January 2005
We have revised the music to the Free Software Song. The Lilypond are here and here.
03 January 2005
GNU founder Richard Stallman will be doing an interview with radioActive San Diego on Thursday, 06 Jan 2005 at 7PM PST (GMT -8). Those living in San Diego, CA, USA can listen to it on 106.9 FM. A press release can be found here.
02 January 2005
Thanks to Turkish artist Kursad Karatas we now have abstract art of our mascot.

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