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Volunteer Webmaster Quiz

Want to get involved with www.gnu.org? If you're enthusiastic, and know HTML and a little bit about our work, we'd love to hear from you! As a volunteer GNU webmaster, you'll be doing great work to help support our mission.

You can usefully help with webmastering in as little as an hour a week, or as much time as you have.

To get started, answer the following questions as best as you can, and email them to <webmasters@gnu.org>.

  1. In your own words, what is the Free Software Foundation, and what is its purpose?
  2. What is open source?
  3. What is free software?
  4. Do you have any experience with graphic design?
  5. Do you have any experience with CVS, Subversion or other version control systems?

Ready? Email your completed quiz to <webmasters@gnu.org>. (Please use English for your answers to the quiz.)


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