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This area will include references and links to various online and downloadable project documentation, presentation material, etc.

GNU Telephony Project-Wide Documents

There is a new RPC Webservices design document.

There is a new document covering the project roadmap.

GNU Telephony Class Framework

The online framework documentation offers complete class cross reference guides for GNU Bayonne 2, GNU Common C++, GNU ccRTP, GNU ccAudio2, and GNU ccScript3. This documentation was prepared using doxygen.

GNU Bayonne 2 Server

This is the documentation for installing a Bayonne 2 server.

This is the Bayonne 2 scripting guide.

Documentation will soon be offered for the BayonneXML scripting environment and the serverResponse XML webservice.

GNU Bayonne 1 Server

Downloadable Presentations

OpenOffice presentation for 3rd International Free Knowledge Conference in Maracaibo.

OpenOffice presentation for ClueCon 2005 Conference in Chicago.