Obtaining GNU PSPP


PSPP works on most modern computers and most operating systems. The PSPP developers do not distribute official binaries of PSPP, but others have made unofficial ones available. The following is a list of some places to download them, organized by operating system.


Packages for PSPP are widely available. For Debian-derived systems, run apt-get install pspp; for Red Hat-derived systems, run dnf install pspp; and for a distribution-independent PSPP Flatpak, visit PSPP on Flathub or run flatpak install flathub org.gnu.pspp.


You can install pspp on Windows 64 Bit via the pspp-1.6.2-install.exe installer. The windows installers for nightly builds are untested nightly builds.


There are three ways to install PSPP on MacOS.

  • The Application bundle provides the gui version via a normal installer. If you do not know what XCode is - go for this one.
  • MacPorts. Run port install pspp-devel to get the latest and most featureful version of PSPP or port install pspp to get an older but possibly better tested version (more information).
  • Homebrew. The PSPP brew tap also includes a description how to install the stable or the development version of PSPP.


If you want to compile and install PSPP yourself, you can get the source code from https://ftpmirror.gnu.org/pspp. Should this link be unavailable or unreasonably slow, please select a local mirror site. Once you have downloaded the tarball, refer to the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

Development Versions

PSPP is under continual improvement. You can get development versions if you are interested to see what the developers are working on. Development versions have undergone less testing than released versions.

You can fetch the latest development sources from the Savannah GIT repository. The installation procedure is more complex than for released versions, so we recommend this only for developers.

Automated Development Builds

Automated builds of the development versions are performed whenever changes are made, including:

You can use these pre-release materials if you want a preview of what's coming up in the next PSPP release. The PSPP developers aim to keep development builds high quality. Please report bugs to the bug-gnu-pspp mailing list or the Savannah bug tracker.