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Obtaining GNU PSPP

PSPP is GNU software. You can obtain it the same way as with any GNU software. PSPP should work on most modern computers and most operating systems. Systems which have been known to work include:

Downloading the Source Code

If you want to compile and install PSPP yourself, you can get the source code from http://ftpmirror.gnu.org/pspp. Should this link be unavailable or unreasonably slow, please select a local mirror site. Once you have downloaded the tarball, refer to the INSTALL file for installation instructions. The PSPP wiki has some operating system-specific tips for installing PSPP as well.


We do not distribute precompiled binaries of PSPP. Many operating systems provide such binaries, but these might not be the most up to date version. Refer to your operating system's instructions for details. Below is a list of some precompiled binary packages for various operating systems, of which we are aware. These are prepared by third parties over whom we have no control. The PSPP developers make no claims about the reliability of these packages. If you find a problem with them, ask the respective package maintainer and not the PSPP developers.

Development Versions

PSPP is under continual improvement. You can get development versions if you are interested to see what the developers are working on. However, please be aware that these may not have been fully tested and may not be entirely free of bugs.

From time to time “alpha” versions are made available. These are typically versions which are almost ready for release but need further testing.

If you want the latest “bleeding edge” version, development sources are available from the Savannah GIT repository. However, the installation procedure is more complex. It's recommended only for experienced hackers.

Automated builds of the development versions are performed typically every day.

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