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Proprietary Jails

Other examples of proprietary malware

Nonfree (proprietary) software is very often malware (designed to mistreat the user). Nonfree software is controlled by its developers, which puts them in a position of power over the users; that is the basic injustice. The developers often exercise that power to the detriment of the users they ought to serve.

Here are examples of proprietary operating systems that are jails: they are designed to impose censorship of which applications the user can install. The image of the iPrison illustrates this issue.

These systems are platforms for censorship imposed by the company that owns the system. Selling products designed as platforms for a company to impose censorship ought to be forbidden by law, but it isn't.

We also include specific examples of apps that were blocked using that censorship power. If you know of additional examples, please email the specifics to webmasters@ our domain.

 Apple jails   Microsoft jails   Game consoles 

Apple jails

Examples of censorship by Apple jails

Microsoft jails

Game consoles

No game can run on the console unless the console's manufacturer has authorized it. Alas, we can't find a article to cite as a reference for this fact. Please inform us if you know of one.


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