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": Tokens
“is defined as”: BNF

$CASENUM: System Variables
$DATE: System Variables
$DATE11: System Variables
$JDATE: System Variables
$LENGTH: System Variables
$SYSMIS: System Variables
$TIME: System Variables
$WIDTH: System Variables

&: Logical Operators

': Tokens

(: Functions
( ): Grouping Operators

): Functions

*: Arithmetic Operators
**: Arithmetic Operators

+: Arithmetic Operators

-: Arithmetic Operators
-: Arithmetic Operators

.: Attributes
.: BNF

/: Arithmetic Operators

<: Relational Operators
<=: Relational Operators
<>: Relational Operators

=: Relational Operators

>: Relational Operators
>=: Relational Operators

_: Attributes

|: Logical Operators

~: Logical Operators
~=: Relational Operators

absolute value: Miscellaneous Mathematics
addition: Arithmetic Operators
analysis of variance: GLM
analysis of variance: ONEWAY
AND: Logical Operators
arccosine: Trigonometry
arcsine: Trigonometry
arctangent: Trigonometry
Area under curve: ROC
arguments, invalid: Date Construction
arguments, minimum valid: Statistical Functions
arguments, of date construction functions: Date Construction
arguments, of date extraction functions: Date Extraction
arithmetic mean: MEANS
arithmetic operators: Arithmetic Operators
attributes of variables: Attributes

Backus-Naur Form: BNF
bar chart: FREQUENCIES
bar chart: BAR CHART
bar chart: CROSSTABS
Batch syntax: Syntax Variants
binary formats: Binary and Hexadecimal Numeric Formats
binomial test: BINOMIAL
bivariate logistic regression: LOGISTIC REGRESSION
Boolean: Boolean Values
Boolean: Logical Operators
boxplot: EXAMINE
bugs: Bugs

case conversion: String Functions
case-sensitivity: Tokens
case-sensitivity: Tokens
cases: Data Input and Output
changing directory: CD
changing file permissions: PERMISSIONS
chi-square: CROSSTABS
chi-square test: CHISQUARE
chi-square test of independence: CROSSTABS
clustering: QUICK CLUSTER
Cochran Q test: COCHRAN
coefficient of concordance: KENDALL
coefficient of variation: Statistical Functions
comma separated values: Reading data from other sources
command file: Files
command syntax, description of: BNF
commands, ordering: Order of Commands
commands, structure: Commands
commands, unimplemented: Not Implemented
concatenation: String Functions
conditionals: Conditionals and Looping
consistency: Testing data consistency
constructing dates: Date Construction
constructing times: Time Construction
control flow: Conditionals and Looping
convention, TO: Sets of Variables
copyright: License
correlation: CORRELATIONS
cosine: Trigonometry
covariance: CORRELATIONS
Cronbach’s Alpha: RELIABILITY
cross-case function: Miscellaneous Functions
currency formats: Custom Currency Formats
custom attributes: Attributes
custom tables: CTABLES

data: Data Input and Output
data file: Files
data files: GET DATA /TYPE=TXT
data reduction: FACTOR
Data, embedding in syntax files: BEGIN DATA
data, embedding in syntax files: DATA LIST
data, fixed-format, reading: DATA LIST FIXED
data, reading from a file: DATA LIST
databases: Reading data from other sources
databases: GET DATA /TYPE=PSQL
dataset: Datasets
date examination: Date Extraction
date formats: Time and Date Formats
date, Julian: Miscellaneous Functions
dates: Time and Date
dates, concepts: Time and Date Concepts
dates, constructing: Date Construction
dates, day of the month: Date Extraction
dates, day of the week: Date Extraction
dates, day of the year: Date Extraction
dates, day-month-year: Date Construction
dates, in days: Date Extraction
dates, in hours: Date Extraction
dates, in minutes: Date Extraction
dates, in months: Date Extraction
dates, in quarters: Date Extraction
dates, in seconds: Date Extraction
dates, in weekdays: Date Extraction
dates, in weeks: Date Extraction
dates, in years: Date Extraction
dates, mathematical properties of: Time and Date Arithmetic
dates, month-year: Date Construction
dates, quarter-year: Date Construction
dates, time of day: Date Extraction
dates, valid: Time and Date
dates, week-year: Date Construction
dates, year-day: Date Construction
day of the month: Date Extraction
day of the week: Date Extraction
day of the year: Date Extraction
day-month-year: Date Construction
days: Time Construction
days: Time Extraction
days: Date Extraction
days: Date Extraction
decimal places: OUTPUT
description of command syntax: BNF
deviation, standard: Statistical Functions
dictionary: Datasets
directory: CD
division: Arithmetic Operators
DocBook: Introduction

Embedding data in syntax files: BEGIN DATA
embedding data in syntax files: DATA LIST
embedding fixed-format data: DATA LIST FIXED
encoding, characters: SET
EQ: Relational Operators
equality, testing: Relational Operators
erroneous data: Identifying incorrect data
errors, in data: Identifying incorrect data
examination, of times: Time Extraction
Exploratory data analysis: EXAMINE
Exploratory data analysis: GRAPH
exponentiation: Arithmetic Operators
expression: BNF
expressions, mathematical: Expressions
extraction, of dates: Date Extraction
extraction, of time: Time Extraction

factor analysis: FACTOR
factorial anova: GLM
false: Logical Operators
file definition commands: Types of Commands
file handles: File Handles
file mode: PERMISSIONS
file, command: Files
file, data: Files
file, output: Files
file, portable: Files
file, syntax file: Files
file, system: Files
fixed effects: GLM
fixed-format data, reading: DATA LIST FIXED
flow of control: Conditionals and Looping
formats: Input and Output Formats
Friedman test: FRIEDMAN
function, cross-case: Miscellaneous Functions
functions: Functions
functions, miscellaneous: Miscellaneous Functions
functions, missing-value: Missing Value Functions
functions, statistical: Statistical Functions
functions, string: String Functions
functions, time & date: Time and Date

GE: Relational Operators
geometric mean: MEANS
Graphic user interface: Invoking PSPPIRE
greater than: Relational Operators
greater than or equal to: Relational Operators
grouping operators: Grouping Operators
GT: Relational Operators

harmonic mean: MEANS
headers: SET
hexadecimal formats: Binary and Hexadecimal Numeric Formats
histogram: FREQUENCIES
histogram: EXAMINE
histogram: HISTOGRAM
hours: Time Extraction
hours: Date Extraction
hours-minutes-seconds: Time Construction
HTML: Introduction
HTML: HTML Output Options
Hypothesis testing: Hypothesis Testing

identifiers: Tokens
identifiers, reserved: Tokens
inequality, testing: Relational Operators
input: Data Input and Output
input program commands: Types of Commands
integer: BNF
integers: Tokens
Interactive syntax: Syntax Variants
intersection, logical: Logical Operators
introduction: Introduction
inverse cosine: Trigonometry
inverse sine: Trigonometry
inverse tangent: Trigonometry
inversion, logical: Logical Operators
Inverting data: Inverting negatively coded variables
invocation: Invoking PSPP
Invocation: Invoking pspp-convert
Invocation: Invoking pspp-output
Invocation: Invoking pspp-dump-sav

Julian date: Miscellaneous Functions

K-means clustering: QUICK CLUSTER
Kendall’s W test: KENDALL
keywords: BNF
Kolmogorov-Smirnov test: KOLMOGOROV-SMIRNOV
Kruskal-Wallis test: KRUSKAL-WALLIS

labels, value: Attributes
labels, variable: Attributes
language, command structure: Commands
language, lexical analysis: Tokens
language, PSPP: Introduction
language, PSPP: Language
language, tokens: Tokens
LE: Relational Operators
length: SET
less than: Relational Operators
less than or equal to: Relational Operators
lexical analysis: Tokens
licence: License
license: License
Likert scale: Inverting negatively coded variables
linear regression: Linear Regression
linear regression: REGRESSION
locale: SET
logarithms: Mathematics
logical intersection: Logical Operators
logical inversion: Logical Operators
logical operators: Logical Operators
logical union: Logical Operators
logistic regression: LOGISTIC REGRESSION
loops: Conditionals and Looping
LT: Relational Operators

macro: DEFINE
Mann-Whitney U test: MANN-WHITNEY
mathematical expressions: Expressions
mathematics: Functions
mathematics, advanced: Mathematics
mathematics, applied to times & dates: Time and Date Arithmetic
mathematics, miscellaneous: Miscellaneous Mathematics
maximum: Statistical Functions
McNemar test: MCNEMAR
mean: Statistical Functions
means: MEANS
measurement level: Attributes
median: Statistical Functions
Median test: MEDIAN
membership, of set: Set Membership
memory, amount used to store cases: SET
minimum: Statistical Functions
minimum valid number of arguments: Statistical Functions
minutes: Time Extraction
minutes: Date Extraction
missing values: Missing Observations
missing values: Attributes
missing values: Missing Value Functions
modulus: Miscellaneous Mathematics
modulus, by 10: Miscellaneous Mathematics
month-year: Date Construction
months: Date Extraction
multiplication: Arithmetic Operators

names, of functions: Functions
NE: Relational Operators
negation: Arithmetic Operators
nonparametric tests: NPAR TESTS
nonterminals: BNF
normality, testing: Testing for normality
normality, testing: EXAMINE
normality, testing: GRAPH
NOT: Logical Operators
npplot: EXAMINE
null hypothesis: Hypothesis Testing
number: BNF
numbers: Tokens
numbers, converting from strings: String Functions
numbers, converting to strings: String Functions
numeric formats: Basic Numeric Formats

obligations, your: License
observations: Data Input and Output
operations, order of: Order of Operations
operator precedence: Order of Operations
operators: Tokens
operators: BNF
operators: Functions
operators, arithmetic: Arithmetic Operators
operators, grouping: Grouping Operators
operators, logical: Logical Operators
OR: Logical Operators
order of commands: Order of Commands
order of operations: Order of Operations
output: Data Input and Output
output file: Files

p-value: Hypothesis Testing
pager: SET
parentheses: Grouping Operators
parentheses: Functions
PDF: Introduction
PDF: PDF PostScript SVG and PNG Output Options
percentiles: FREQUENCIES
percentiles: EXAMINE
period: Attributes
PNG: PDF PostScript SVG and PNG Output Options
portable file: Files
PostScript: Introduction
Postscript: PDF PostScript SVG and PNG Output Options
precedence, operator: Order of Operations
precision, of output: OUTPUT
principal axis factoring: FACTOR
principal components analysis: FACTOR
print format: Attributes
procedures: Types of Commands
productions: BNF
productions: BNF
PSPP language: Introduction
PSPP, command structure: Commands
PSPP, invoking: Invoking PSPP
PSPP, language: Language
pspp-convert: Invoking pspp-convert
pspp-dump-sav: Invoking pspp-dump-sav
pspp-output: Invoking pspp-output
punctuators: Tokens
punctuators: BNF

Q, Cochran Q: COCHRAN
quarter-year: Date Construction
quarters: Date Extraction

reading data: Reading data from a text file
reading data from a file: DATA LIST
reading fixed-format data: DATA LIST FIXED
reals: Tokens
Receiver Operating Characteristic: ROC
recoding data: Dealing with suspicious data
regression: REGRESSION
reliability: Testing data consistency
replacing substrings: String Functions
reserved identifiers: Tokens
restricted expressions: Matrix Expressions
restricted transformations: Types of Commands
rights, your: License
rounding: Miscellaneous Mathematics
runs test: RUNS

saving: Saving data to a PSPP file.
scatterplot: SCATTERPLOT
scratch variables: Scratch Variables
screening: Data Screening and Transformation
searching strings: String Functions
seconds: Time Extraction
seconds: Date Extraction
set membership: Set Membership
Shapiro-Wilk: EXAMINE
sign test: SIGN
sine: Trigonometry
spreadlevel plot: EXAMINE
spreadsheet files: GET DATA /TYPE=GNM/ODS
spreadsheets: Reading data from other sources
square roots: Mathematics
standard deviation: Statistical Functions
start symbol: BNF
statistics: Statistical Functions
string: BNF
string formats: String Formats
string functions: String Functions
strings: Tokens
strings, case of: String Functions
strings, case of: String Functions
strings, concatenation of: String Functions
strings, converting from numbers: String Functions
strings, converting to numbers: String Functions
strings, finding length of: String Functions
strings, padding: String Functions
strings, replacing substrings: String Functions
strings, taking substrings of: String Functions
strings, trimming: String Functions
strings, trimming: String Functions
strings, truncating: String Functions
substrings: String Functions
subtraction: Arithmetic Operators
sum: Statistical Functions
SVG: PDF PostScript SVG and PNG Output Options
symbol, start: BNF
syntax file: Files
SYSMIS: Dealing with suspicious data
system file: Files
system files: Reading data from a pre-prepared PSPP file
system variables: System Variables
system-missing: Logical Operators

T-test: Testing for differences of means
tables, custom: CTABLES
tangent: Trigonometry
terminals: BNF
terminals and nonterminals, differences: BNF
testing for equality: Relational Operators
testing for inequality: Relational Operators
TeX: TeX Output Options
tex: TeX Output Options
text files: GET DATA /TYPE=TXT
time: Date Extraction
time examination: Time Extraction
time formats: Time and Date Formats
time, concepts: Time and Date Concepts
time, in days: Time Construction
time, in days: Time Extraction
time, in days: Date Extraction
time, in hours: Time Extraction
time, in hours: Date Extraction
time, in hours-minutes-seconds: Time Construction
time, in minutes: Time Extraction
time, in minutes: Date Extraction
time, in seconds: Time Extraction
time, in seconds: Date Extraction
time, instants of: Time and Date Concepts
time, intervals: Time and Date Concepts
time, lengths of: Time Extraction
time, mathematical properties of: Time and Date Arithmetic
times: Time and Date
times, constructing: Time Construction
times, in days: Date Extraction
tnumbers: SET
TO convention: Sets of Variables
tokens: Tokens
transformation: Data Screening and Transformation
transformations: Types of Commands
transformations: Data Manipulation
trigonometry: Trigonometry
troubleshooting: Bugs
true: Logical Operators
truncation: Miscellaneous Mathematics
type of variables: Attributes

U, Mann-Whitney U: MANN-WHITNEY
unimplemented commands: Not Implemented
union, logical: Logical Operators
univariate analysis of variance: GLM
utility commands: Types of Commands

value label: Miscellaneous Functions
value labels: Attributes
values, Boolean: Boolean Values
values, missing: Missing Observations
values, missing: Attributes
values, missing: Missing Value Functions
values, system-missing: Logical Operators
var-list: BNF
var-name: BNF
variable: Datasets
variable labels: Attributes
variable names, ending with period: Attributes
variable role: Attributes
variables: Defining Variables
Variables: Manipulating Variables
variables, attributes of: Attributes
variables, system: System Variables
variables, type: Attributes
variables, width: Attributes
variance: Statistical Functions
variation, coefficient of: Statistical Functions

week: Date Extraction
week-year: Date Construction
weekday: Date Extraction
white space, trimming: String Functions
white space, trimming: String Functions
width: SET
width of variables: Attributes
wilcoxon matched pairs signed ranks test: WILCOXON
workspace: SET
write format: Attributes

year-day: Date Construction
years: Date Extraction
your rights and obligations: License