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23 November 2006
We are experiencing a leased-line outage. Some resources, including fencepost, lists and mail, are unavailable. Service should be restored on 24 November.
2 November 2006
Check out gNewSense 1.0, a new free software GNU/Linux distribution created by Brian Brazil and Paul O'Malley, based on Ubuntu and Debian.
26 September 2006
The first discussion draft for version 2 of the GNU Free Documentation License has been released. Please read the new text and contribute comments!
25 September 2006
Read a few points of clarification by the FSF with regard to recent misinformation about GPLv3.
18 September 2006
Watch Trusted Computing: An Animated Short Story by Benjamin Stephen and Lutz Vogel for a great introduction to what "Trusted Computing" really means.
22 Aug 2006
The FSF is holding a contest to award the honor of the five-thousandth entry in the Free Software Directory. Read the news announcement for the contest details.
27 Jul 2006
The FSF has released new discussion drafts of the GPL and LGPL. Read the announcement and examine the changes.
28 Apr 2006
Please sign the EFF's petition in favor of music sharing. There is one flaw in the wording of this petition. It is a mistake to speak of "compensating musicians" for copying, because that encourages the RIAA's dangerous pretense that they have "lost" something when people copy. The appropriate goal is not that musicians be "compensated" - it is to support music and musicians. However, that is no reason not to sign the petition.
21 Apr 2006
Live streaming audio and video are available from the 2nd International Conference on GPLv3 along with other parts of the 7th International Forum on Free Software. Please see http://gplv3.fsf.org/av for the feeds.
14 Apr 2006
The UK government is asking for comment on issues of concern to free software supporters. Please send an email comment and pass the word on. See the FSF news item for more info. The deadline is April 21.
28 Feb 2006
GNU mailing list subscribers: lists.gnu.org has recovered and is resuming normal mail delivery. There will be some delay as it works through its backlog, but we do not expect any messages to be lost.
15 Feb 2006
Help stop the WIPO broadcast/netcast treaty---it's like the DMCA but worse. See the FSF news item for more detail.
17 Jan 2006
Proposal to impose software patents in the EU.
11 Jan 2006
Sign this pledge at PledgeBank to boycott DRM
03 Jan 2006
Richard Stallman is speaking in New York, NY at an event hosted by Gnubies and LXNY on January 4th at 6:30pm. For more details, see the event listing at fsf.org.

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