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Index Entry  Section

"’ in printing: Output Functions
"’ in strings: Syntax for Strings

##’ read syntax: Symbol Type
#$: Docs and Compilation
#'’ syntax: Anonymous Functions
#(’ read syntax: Text Props and Strings
#:’ read syntax: Symbol Type
#@count: Docs and Compilation
#n#’ read syntax: Circular Objects
#n=’ read syntax: Circular Objects
#^’ read syntax: Char-Table Type

$’ in display: Truncation
$’ in regexp: Regexp Special

%: Arithmetic Operations
%’ in format: Formatting Strings

&’ in replacement: Replacing Match
&optional: Argument List
&rest: Argument List

'’ for quoting: Quoting

(’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
(…)’ in lists: Cons Cell Type
(?:’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash

)’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash

*: Arithmetic Operations
*’ in interactive: Using Interactive
*’ in regexp: Regexp Special
* in rx: Rx Constructs
** in rx: Rx Constructs
*? in rx: Rx Constructs
*scratch*: Auto Major Mode

+: Arithmetic Operations
+’ in regexp: Regexp Special
+ in rx: Rx Constructs
+? in rx: Rx Constructs

, (with backquote): Backquote
,@ (with backquote): Backquote

-: Arithmetic Operations
--disable-build-details option to configure: Building Emacs
--enable-locallisppath option to configure: Building Emacs
--temacs option, and dumping method: Building Emacs
–enable-profiling option of configure: Profiling

.’ in lists: Dotted Pair Notation
.’ in regexp: Regexp Special
.#, lock file names: File Locks
.emacs: Init File

/: Arithmetic Operations
/=: Comparison of Numbers
/dev/tty: Serial Ports

0+ in rx: Rx Constructs

1+: Arithmetic Operations
1+ in rx: Rx Constructs
1-: Arithmetic Operations
1value: Test Coverage

2C-mode-map: Prefix Keys
2D box: Face Attributes

3D box: Face Attributes

: in rx: Rx Constructs
:deferred, JSONRPC keyword: JSONRPC deferred requests
:documentation: Function Documentation
:equal: Pattern Matching
:match: Pattern Matching
:notification-dispatcher: JSONRPC Overview
:pred: Pattern Matching
:repeat: Creating Keymaps
:request-dispatcher: JSONRPC Overview

;’ for commenting: Comments

<: Comparison of Numbers
<=: Comparison of Numbers

=: Comparison of Numbers
= in rx: Rx Constructs

>: Comparison of Numbers
>=: Comparison of Numbers
>= in rx: Rx Constructs

?’ in character constant: Basic Char Syntax
? in minibuffer: Text from Minibuffer
?’ in regexp: Regexp Special
? in rx: Rx Constructs
?? in rx: Rx Constructs

@’ in interactive: Using Interactive

[’ in regexp: Regexp Special
[…] (Edebug): Specification List

\’ in character constant: General Escape Syntax
\’ in display: Truncation
\’ in printing: Output Functions
\’ in regexp: Regexp Special
\’ in replacement: Replacing Match
\’ in strings: Syntax for Strings
\’ in symbols: Symbol Type
\'’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\( in strings: List Motion
\<’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\=’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\>’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\a: Basic Char Syntax
\b: Basic Char Syntax
\b’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\B’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\e: Basic Char Syntax
\f: Basic Char Syntax
\n: Basic Char Syntax
\n’ in print: Output Variables
\n’ in replacement: Replacing Match
\r: Basic Char Syntax
\s: Basic Char Syntax
\s’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\S’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\t: Basic Char Syntax
\v: Basic Char Syntax
\w’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\W’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\_<’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\_>’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
\`’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash

]’ in regexp: Regexp Special

^’ in interactive: Using Interactive
^’ in regexp: Regexp Special

`: Backquote
‘ (list substitution): Backquote

|’ in regexp: Regexp Backslash
| in rx: Rx Constructs

abbrev: Abbrevs
abbrev properties: Abbrev Properties
abbrev table properties: Abbrev Table Properties
abbrev tables: Abbrev Tables
abbrev tables in modes: Major Mode Conventions
abbrev-all-caps: Abbrev Expansion
abbrev-expand-function: Abbrev Expansion
abbrev-expansion: Abbrev Expansion
abbrev-file-name: Abbrev Files
abbrev-get: Abbrev Properties
abbrev-insert: Abbrev Expansion
abbrev-map: Standard Keymaps
abbrev-minor-mode-table-alist: Standard Abbrev Tables
abbrev-prefix-mark: Abbrev Expansion
abbrev-put: Abbrev Properties
abbrev-start-location: Abbrev Expansion
abbrev-start-location-buffer: Abbrev Expansion
abbrev-symbol: Abbrev Expansion
abbrev-table-get: Abbrev Table Properties
abbrev-table-name-list: Abbrev Tables
abbrev-table-p: Abbrev Tables
abbrev-table-put: Abbrev Table Properties
abbreviate-file-name: Directory Names
abbreviated file names: Directory Names
abbrevs, looking up and expanding: Abbrev Expansion
abbrevs-changed: Abbrev Files
abnormal hook: Hooks
abort-recursive-edit: Recursive Editing
aborting: Recursive Editing
abs: Comparison of Numbers
absolute edges: Frame Layout
absolute file name: Relative File Names
absolute frame edges: Frame Layout
absolute frame position: Frame Layout
absolute position: Frame Layout
accept input from processes: Accepting Output
accept-change-group: Atomic Changes
accept-process-output: Accepting Output
access control list: Extended Attributes
access minibuffer contents: Minibuffer Contents
access-file: Testing Accessibility
accessibility of a file: Testing Accessibility
accessible portion (of a buffer): Narrowing
accessible-keymaps: Scanning Keymaps
accessing documentation strings: Accessing Documentation
accessing hash tables: Hash Access
accessing plist properties: Plist Access
ACL entries: Extended Attributes
acos: Math Functions
action (button property): Button Properties
action alist for buffer display: Buffer Display Action Alists
action function, for buffer display: Buffer Display Action Functions
action, customization keyword: Type Keywords
activate-change-group: Atomic Changes
activate-mark-hook: The Mark
active display table: Active Display Table
active keymap: Active Keymaps
active keymap, controlling: Controlling Active Maps
active minibuffer: Intro to Minibuffers
active-minibuffer-window: Minibuffer Windows
ad-activate: Porting Old Advice
adaptive-fill-first-line-regexp: Adaptive Fill
adaptive-fill-function: Adaptive Fill
adaptive-fill-mode: Adaptive Fill
adaptive-fill-regexp: Adaptive Fill
add-display-text-property: Display Property
add-face-text-property: Changing Properties
add-function: Core Advising Primitives
add-hook: Setting Hooks
add-name-to-file: Changing Files
add-text-properties: Changing Properties
add-to-history: Minibuffer History
add-to-invisibility-spec: Invisible Text
add-to-list: List Variables
add-to-ordered-list: List Variables
add-variable-watcher: Watching Variables
address field of register: Cons Cell Type
adjust-window-trailing-edge: Resizing Windows
adjusting point: Adjusting Point
advertised binding: Keys in Documentation
advertised-calling-convention (declare spec): Declare Form
advice, add and remove: Core Advising Primitives
advice-add: Advising Named Functions
advice-eval-interactive-spec: Core Advising Primitives
advice-function-mapc: Core Advising Primitives
advice-function-member-p: Core Advising Primitives
advice-mapc: Advising Named Functions
advice-member-p: Advising Named Functions
advice-remove: Advising Named Functions
advices, porting from defadvice: Porting Old Advice
advising functions: Advising Functions
advising named functions: Advising Named Functions
AEAD cipher: GnuTLS Cryptography
affixation-function, in completion: Programmed Completion
after-change notifier, for tree-sitter parse-tree: Using Parser
after-change-functions: Change Hooks
after-change-major-mode-hook: Mode Hooks
after-delete-frame-functions: Deleting Frames
after-find-file: Subroutines of Visiting
after-focus-change-function: Input Focus
after-init-hook: Init File
after-init-time: Startup Summary
after-insert-file-functions: Format Conversion Piecemeal
after-load-functions: Hooks for Loading
after-make-frame-functions: Creating Frames
after-pdump-load-hook: Building Emacs
after-revert-hook: Reverting
after-save-hook: Saving Buffers
after-setting-font-hook: Standard Hooks
after-string (overlay property): Overlay Properties
alias, for coding systems: Coding System Basics
alias, for faces: Face Functions
alias, for functions: Defining Functions
alias, for variables: Variable Aliases
aligning header line, when line numbers are displayed: Pixel Specification
alist: Association Lists
alist vs. plist: Plists and Alists
alist-get: Association Lists
all-completions: Basic Completion
all-threads: Basic Thread Functions
allow-no-window, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
alnum character class, regexp: Char Classes
alpha character class, regexp: Char Classes
alpha, a frame parameter: Font and Color Parameters
alpha-background, a frame parameter: Font and Color Parameters
alt characters: Other Char Bits
alternative commands, defining: Generic Commands
always: Calling Functions
amalgamating commands, and undo: Undo
amalgamating-undo-limit: Undo
ancestor directory of file: Contents of Directories
and: Combining Conditions
and in rx: Rx Constructs
animation: Multi-Frame Images
annotation-function, in completion: Programmed Completion
anonymous face: Faces
anonymous function: Anonymous Functions
anonymous node, tree-sitter: Language Grammar
any in rx: Rx Constructs
anychar in rx: Rx Constructs
anything in rx: Rx Constructs
apostrophe for quoting: Quoting
apostrophe, quoting in documentation strings: Documentation Tips
append: Building Lists
append-to-file: Writing to Files
apply: Calling Functions
apply, and debugging: Internals of Debugger
apply-partially: Calling Functions
applying customizations: Applying Customizations
apropos: Help Functions
archive web server: Archive Web Server
aref: Array Functions
args, customization keyword: Composite Types
argument: What Is a Function
argument binding: Argument List
argument lists, features: Argument List
arguments for shell commands: Shell Arguments
arguments, interactive entry: Using Interactive
arguments, reading: Minibuffers
argv: Command-Line Arguments
arith-error example: Handling Errors
arith-error in division: Arithmetic Operations
arithmetic operations: Arithmetic Operations
arithmetic shift: Bitwise Operations
array: Arrays
array elements: Array Functions
arrayp: Array Functions
ascii character class, regexp: Char Classes
ASCII character codes: Character Type
ASCII control characters: Usual Display
ascii-case-table: Case Tables
aset: Array Functions
ash: Bitwise Operations
asin: Math Functions
ask-user-about-lock: File Locks
ask-user-about-supersession-threat: Modification Time
asking the user questions: Yes-or-No Queries
assoc: Association Lists
assoc-default: Association Lists
assoc-delete-all: Association Lists
assoc-string: Text Comparison
association list: Association Lists
assq: Association Lists
assq-delete-all: Association Lists
asynchronous native compilation, disable: Native-Compilation Variables
asynchronous subprocess: Asynchronous Processes
atan: Math Functions
atom: List-related Predicates
atomic changes: Atomic Changes
atomic windows: Atomic Windows
atoms: Cons Cell Type
attributes of text: Text Properties
Auto Fill mode: Auto Filling
auto-coding-alist: Default Coding Systems
auto-coding-functions: Default Coding Systems
auto-coding-regexp-alist: Default Coding Systems
auto-fill-chars: Auto Filling
auto-fill-function: Auto Filling
auto-hide-function, a frame parameter: Frame Interaction Parameters
auto-hscroll-mode: Horizontal Scrolling
auto-lower, a frame parameter: Management Parameters
auto-mode-alist: Auto Major Mode
auto-raise, a frame parameter: Management Parameters
auto-raise-tool-bar-buttons: Tool Bar
auto-resize-tool-bars: Tool Bar
auto-save-default: Auto-Saving
auto-save-file-name-p: Auto-Saving
auto-save-file-name-transforms: Auto-Saving
auto-save-hook: Auto-Saving
auto-save-interval: Auto-Saving
auto-save-list-file-name: Auto-Saving
auto-save-list-file-prefix: Auto-Saving
auto-save-mode: Auto-Saving
auto-save-timeout: Auto-Saving
auto-save-visited-file-name: Auto-Saving
auto-selection of window: Mouse Window Auto-selection
auto-window-vscroll: Vertical Scrolling
autoload: Autoload
autoload: Autoload
autoload by prefix: Autoload by Prefix
autoload cookie: Autoload
autoload cookie, and safe values of variable: File Local Variables
autoload errors: Autoload
autoload object: What Is a Function
autoload, when to use: When to Autoload
autoload-compute-prefixes: Autoload by Prefix
autoload-do-load: Autoload
autoloadp: Autoload
automatic face assignment: Auto Faces
automatically buffer-local: Intro to Buffer-Local

back-to-indentation: Motion by Indent
background-color, a frame parameter: Font and Color Parameters
background-mode, a frame parameter: Font and Color Parameters
backing store: Display Feature Testing
backquote (list substitution): Backquote
backquote-style patterns: Backquote Patterns
backref in rx: Rx Constructs
backslash in character constants: General Escape Syntax
backslash in regular expressions: Regexp Backslash
backslash in strings: Syntax for Strings
backslash in symbols: Symbol Type
backspace: Basic Char Syntax
backtrace: Internals of Debugger
backtrace buffer: Backtraces
backtrace from emacsclient’s --eval: Error Debugging
backtrace of thread: The Thread List
backtrace-debug: Internals of Debugger
backtrace-frame: Internals of Debugger
backtrace-on-error-noninteractive: Invoking the Debugger
backtrace-on-redisplay-error: Debugging Redisplay
backtracking: Backtracking
backtracking and POSIX regular expressions: POSIX Regexps
backtracking and regular expressions: Regexp Special
backup file: Backup Files
backup files, rename or copy: Rename or Copy
backup-buffer: Making Backups
backup-by-copying: Rename or Copy
backup-by-copying-when-linked: Rename or Copy
backup-by-copying-when-mismatch: Rename or Copy
backup-by-copying-when-privileged-mismatch: Rename or Copy
backup-directory-alist: Making Backups
backup-enable-predicate: Making Backups
backup-file-name-p: Backup Names
backup-inhibited: Making Backups
backups and auto-saving: Backups and Auto-Saving
backward-button: Button Buffer Commands
backward-char: Character Motion
backward-delete-char-untabify: Deletion
backward-delete-char-untabify-method: Deletion
backward-list: List Motion
backward-prefix-chars: Motion and Syntax
backward-sexp: List Motion
backward-to-indentation: Motion by Indent
backward-up-list: List Motion
backward-word: Word Motion
backward-word-strictly: Word Motion
balance-windows: Resizing Windows
balance-windows-area: Resizing Windows
balanced parenthesis motion: List Motion
balancing parentheses: Blinking
balancing window sizes: Resizing Windows
bare symbol: Symbols with Position
bare-symbol: Symbols with Position
barf-if-buffer-read-only: Read Only Buffers
base 64 encoding: Base 64
base buffer: Indirect Buffers
base coding system: Coding System Basics
base direction of a paragraph: Bidirectional Display
base for reading an integer: Integer Basics
base location, package archive: Package Archives
base remapping, faces: Face Remapping
base type, in bindat specification: Bindat Types
base64-decode-region: Base 64
base64-decode-string: Base 64
base64-encode-region: Base 64
base64-encode-string: Base 64
base64url-encode-region: Base 64
base64url-encode-string: Base 64
basic code (of input character): Keyboard Events
basic faces: Basic Faces
batch mode: Batch Mode
batch-byte-compile: Compilation Functions
batch-native-compile: Native-Compilation Functions
baud, in serial connections: Serial Ports
baud-rate: Terminal Output
beep: Beeping
before point, insertion: Insertion
before-change-functions: Change Hooks
before-hack-local-variables-hook: File Local Variables
before-init-hook: Init File
before-init-time: Startup Summary
before-make-frame-hook: Creating Frames
before-revert-hook: Reverting
before-save-hook: Saving Buffers
before-string (overlay property): Overlay Properties
beginning of line: Text Lines
beginning of line in regexp: Regexp Special
beginning-of-buffer: Buffer End Motion
beginning-of-defun: List Motion
beginning-of-defun-function: List Motion
beginning-of-line: Text Lines
bell: Beeping
bell character: Basic Char Syntax
benchmark.el: Profiling
benchmarking: Profiling
best practices: Tips
bidi-display-reordering: Bidirectional Display
bidi-find-overridden-directionality: Bidirectional Display
bidi-paragraph-direction: Bidirectional Display
bidi-paragraph-separate-re: Bidirectional Display
bidi-paragraph-start-re: Bidirectional Display
bidi-string-mark-left-to-right: Bidirectional Display
bidirectional class of characters: Character Properties
bidirectional display: Bidirectional Display
bidirectional reordering: Bidirectional Display
big endian, in bindat specification: Bindat Types
bignum range: Integer Basics
bignump: Predicates on Numbers
binary coding system: Coding System Basics
binary I/O in batch mode: Input Functions
bindat computed types: Bindat Computed Types
bindat functions: Bindat Functions
bindat packing and unpacking into arbitrary types: Bindat Computed Types
bindat type expression: Bindat Types
bindat types: Bindat Types
bindat, define new type forms: Bindat Computed Types
bindat-defmacro: Bindat Computed Types
bindat-get-field: Bindat Functions
bindat-ip-to-string: Bindat Functions
bindat-length: Bindat Functions
bindat-pack: Bindat Functions
bindat-type: Bindat Types
bindat-unpack: Bindat Functions
binding arguments: Argument List
binding local variables: Local Variables
binding of a key: Keymap Basics
bitmap-spec-p: Face Attributes
bitmaps, fringe: Fringe Bitmaps
bitwise arithmetic: Bitwise Operations
blink-cursor-alist: Cursor Parameters
blink-matching-delay: Blinking
blink-matching-open: Blinking
blink-matching-paren: Blinking
blink-matching-paren-distance: Blinking
blink-paren-function: Blinking
blinking parentheses: Blinking
bobp: Near Point
body height of a window: Window Sizes
body of a window: Basic Windows
body of function: Lambda Components
body size of a window: Window Sizes
body width of a window: Window Sizes
body-function, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
bol in rx: Rx Constructs
bolp: Near Point
bool-vector: Bool-Vectors
bool-vector length: Sequence Functions
bool-vector-count-consecutive: Bool-Vectors
bool-vector-count-population: Bool-Vectors
bool-vector-exclusive-or: Bool-Vectors
bool-vector-intersection: Bool-Vectors
bool-vector-not: Bool-Vectors
bool-vector-p: Bool-Vectors
bool-vector-set-difference: Bool-Vectors
bool-vector-subsetp: Bool-Vectors
bool-vector-union: Bool-Vectors
Bool-vectors: Bool-Vectors
boolean: nil and t
booleanp: nil and t
bootstrapping Emacs: Building Emacs
border-color, a frame parameter: Font and Color Parameters
border-width, a frame parameter: Layout Parameters
bos in rx: Rx Constructs
bot in rx: Rx Constructs
bottom dividers: Window Dividers
bottom-divider, prefix key: Key Sequence Input
bottom-divider-width, a frame parameter: Layout Parameters
bottom-visible, a frame parameter: Mouse Dragging Parameters
boundp: Void Variables
bow in rx: Rx Constructs
box diagrams, for lists: Box Diagrams
break: Debugger
breakpoints (Edebug): Breakpoints
bucket (in obarray): Creating Symbols
buffer: Buffers
buffer boundaries, indicating: Fringe Indicators
buffer contents: Text
buffer display: Displaying Buffers
buffer display action alist: Buffer Display Action Alists
buffer display action function: Buffer Display Action Functions
buffer display action functions, precedence: Precedence of Action Functions
buffer display conventions: The Zen of Buffer Display
buffer display display action: Choosing Window
buffer file name: Buffer File Name
buffer gap: Buffer Gap
buffer input stream: Input Streams
buffer internals: Buffer Internals
buffer list: Buffer List
buffer modification: Buffer Modification
buffer names: Buffer Names
buffer output stream: Output Streams
buffer point changed by Edebug: Edebug Display Update
buffer portion as string: Buffer Contents
buffer position: Positions
buffer text notation: Buffer Text Notation
buffer, read-only: Read Only Buffers
buffer-access-fontified-property: Lazy Properties
buffer-access-fontify-functions: Lazy Properties
buffer-auto-save-file-format: Format Conversion Round-Trip
buffer-auto-save-file-name: Auto-Saving
buffer-backed-up: Making Backups
buffer-base-buffer: Indirect Buffers
buffer-button-map: Button Buffer Commands
buffer-chars-modified-tick: Buffer Modification
buffer-disable-undo: Maintaining Undo
buffer-display-count: Buffers and Windows
buffer-display-table: Active Display Table
buffer-display-time: Buffers and Windows
buffer-enable-undo: Maintaining Undo
buffer-end: Point
buffer-end in rx: Rx Constructs
buffer-file-coding-system: Encoding and I/O
buffer-file-format: Format Conversion Round-Trip
buffer-file-name: Buffer File Name
buffer-file-name: Buffer File Name
buffer-file-number: Buffer File Name
buffer-file-truename: Buffer File Name
buffer-hash: Checksum/Hash
buffer-invisibility-spec: Invisible Text
buffer-list: Buffer List
buffer-list, a frame parameter: Buffer Parameters
buffer-list-update-hook: Buffer List
buffer-list-update-hook: Standard Hooks
buffer-list-update-hook in temporary buffers: Current Buffer
buffer-live-p: Killing Buffers
buffer-local variables: Buffer-Local Variables
buffer-local variables in modes: Major Mode Conventions
buffer-local-boundp: Creating Buffer-Local
buffer-local-restore-state: Defining Minor Modes
buffer-local-set-state: Defining Minor Modes
buffer-local-value: Creating Buffer-Local
buffer-local-variables: Creating Buffer-Local
buffer-match-p: Buffer List
buffer-modified-p: Buffer Modification
buffer-modified-tick: Buffer Modification
buffer-name: Buffer Names
buffer-name-history: Minibuffer History
buffer-narrowed-p: Narrowing
buffer-offer-save: Killing Buffers
buffer-predicate, a frame parameter: Buffer Parameters
buffer-quit-function: Standard Hooks
buffer-read-only: Read Only Buffers
buffer-save-without-query: Killing Buffers
buffer-saved-size: Auto-Saving
buffer-size: Point
buffer-stale-function: Reverting
buffer-start in rx: Rx Constructs
buffer-string: Buffer Contents
buffer-substring: Buffer Contents
buffer-substring-no-properties: Buffer Contents
buffer-substring-with-bidi-context: Bidirectional Display
buffer-swap-text: Swapping Text
buffer-text-pixel-size: Size of Displayed Text
buffer-undo-list: Undo
bufferp: Buffer Basics
bufferpos-to-filepos: Text Representations
buffers to display on frame: Buffer Parameters
buffers without undo information: Buffer Names
buffers, controlled in windows: Buffers and Windows
buffers, creating: Creating Buffers
buffers, killing: Killing Buffers
bugs: Caveats
bugs in this manual: Caveats
build details: Building Emacs
building Emacs: Building Emacs
building lists: Building Lists
built-in function: What Is a Function
bump-use-time, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
bury-buffer: Buffer List
butlast: List Elements
button (button property): Button Properties
button buffer commands: Button Buffer Commands
button properties: Button Properties
button types: Button Types
button-activate: Manipulating Buttons
button-at: Manipulating Buttons
button-down event: Button-Down Events
button-end: Manipulating Buttons
button-face, customization keyword: Type Keywords
button-get: Manipulating Buttons
button-has-type-p: Manipulating Buttons
button-label: Manipulating Buttons
button-map: Button Properties
button-prefix, customization keyword: Type Keywords
button-put: Manipulating Buttons
button-start: Manipulating Buttons
button-suffix, customization keyword: Type Keywords
button-type: Manipulating Buttons
button-type-get: Manipulating Buttons
button-type-put: Manipulating Buttons
button-type-subtype-p: Manipulating Buttons
buttonize: Making Buttons
buttons in buffers: Buttons
byte compilation: Byte Compilation
byte compiler warnings, how to avoid: Warning Tips
byte packing and unpacking: Byte Packing
byte to string: Converting Representations
byte-boolean-vars: Variables with Restricted Values
byte-boolean-vars: Writing Emacs Primitives
byte-code: Byte Compilation
byte-code function: Byte-Code Objects
byte-code object: Byte-Code Objects
byte-code-function-p: What Is a Function
byte-compile: Compilation Functions
byte-compile and byte-optimize, advising: Advice and Byte Code
byte-compile-debug: Compilation Functions
byte-compile-dynamic: Dynamic Loading
byte-compile-dynamic-docstrings: Docs and Compilation
byte-compile-error-on-warn: Compiler Errors
byte-compile-file: Compilation Functions
byte-compiler errors: Compiler Errors
byte-compiler warnings: Compiler Errors
byte-compiling macros: Compiling Macros
byte-compiling require: Named Features
byte-recompile-directory: Compilation Functions
byte-to-position: Text Representations
byte-to-string: Converting Representations
bytes: Strings and Characters
bytesize, in serial connections: Serial Ports

C programming language: C Dialect
C-c: Prefix Keys
C-g: Quitting
C-h: Prefix Keys
C-M-x: Instrumenting
C-x: Prefix Keys
C-x 4: Prefix Keys
C-x 5: Prefix Keys
C-x 6: Prefix Keys
C-x C-a C-m: Edebug Execution Modes
C-x RET: Prefix Keys
C-x t: Prefix Keys
C-x v: Prefix Keys
C-x X =: Coverage Testing
caaaar: List Elements
caaadr: List Elements
caaar: List Elements
caadar: List Elements
caaddr: List Elements
caadr: List Elements
caar: List Elements
cadaar: List Elements
cadadr: List Elements
cadar: List Elements
caddar: List Elements
cadddr: List Elements
caddr: List Elements
cadr: List Elements
calendrical computations: Time Calculations
calendrical information: Time Conversion
call stack: Internals of Debugger
call-interactively: Interactive Call
call-process: Synchronous Processes
call-process, command-line arguments from minibuffer: Shell Arguments
call-process-region: Synchronous Processes
call-process-shell-command: Synchronous Processes
call-shell-region: Synchronous Processes
called-interactively-p: Distinguish Interactive
calling a function: Calling Functions
cancel-change-group: Atomic Changes
cancel-debug-on-entry: Function Debugging
cancel-debug-on-variable-change: Variable Debugging
cancel-timer: Timers
canonical character height: Frame Font
canonical character width: Frame Font
capitalization: Case Conversion
capitalize: Case Conversion
capitalize-region: Case Changes
capitalize-word: Case Changes
caption bar: Frame Layout
capturing, tree-sitter node: Pattern Matching
car: List Elements
car-safe: List Elements
case conversion in buffers: Case Changes
case conversion in Lisp: Case Conversion
case in replacements: Replacing Match
case-fold, text property: Text from Minibuffer
case-fold-search: Searching and Case
case-replace: Searching and Case
case-table-p: Case Tables
catch: Catch and Throw
catch-all: Parser-based Indentation
categories of characters: Categories
category (overlay property): Overlay Properties
category (text property): Special Properties
category in rx: Rx Constructs
category set: Categories
category table: Categories
category, in completion: Programmed Completion
category, regexp search for: Regexp Backslash
category-docstring: Categories
category-set-mnemonics: Categories
category-table: Categories
category-table-p: Categories
cdaaar: List Elements
cdaadr: List Elements
cdaar: List Elements
cdadar: List Elements
cdaddr: List Elements
cdadr: List Elements
cdar: List Elements
cddaar: List Elements
cddadr: List Elements
cddar: List Elements
cdddar: List Elements
cddddr: List Elements
cdddr: List Elements
cddr: List Elements
cdr: List Elements
cdr-safe: List Elements
ceiling: Numeric Conversions
centering point: Textual Scrolling
change hooks: Change Hooks
change hooks for a character: Special Properties
change load-path at configure time: Building Emacs
change-major-mode-after-body-hook: Mode Hooks
change-major-mode-hook: Creating Buffer-Local
changing key bindings: Changing Key Bindings
changing text properties: Changing Properties
changing to another buffer: Current Buffer
changing window size: Resizing Windows
char in rx: Rx Constructs
char-after: Near Point
char-before: Near Point
char-category-set: Categories
char-charset: Character Sets
char-code-property-description: Character Properties
char-displayable-p: Fontsets
char-equal: Text Comparison
char-from-name: Character Codes
char-or-string-p: Predicates for Strings
char-property-alias-alist: Examining Properties
char-script-table: Character Properties
char-syntax: Syntax Table Functions
char-table length: Sequence Functions
char-table-extra-slot: Char-Tables
char-table-p: Char-Tables
char-table-parent: Char-Tables
char-table-range: Char-Tables
char-table-subtype: Char-Tables
char-tables: Char-Tables
char-to-string: String Conversion
char-uppercase-p: Size of Displayed Text
char-width: Size of Displayed Text
char-width-table: Character Properties
character alternative (in regexp): Regexp Special
character arrays: Strings and Characters
character case: Case Conversion
character categories: Categories
character class in rx: Rx Constructs
character class in rx: Rx Constructs
character classes in regexp: Char Classes
character code conversion: Coding System Basics
character codepoint: Text Representations
character codes: Character Codes
character event: Keyboard Events
character insertion: Commands for Insertion
character printing: Describing Characters
character properties: Character Properties
character set, searching: Scanning Charsets
character sets: Character Sets
character to string: String Conversion
character translation tables: Translation of Characters
character width on display: Size of Displayed Text
characterp: Character Codes
characters: Strings and Characters
characters for interactive codes: Interactive Codes
characters, multi-byte: Non-ASCII Characters
characters, representation in buffers and strings: Text Representations
charset: Character Sets
charset, coding systems to encode: Lisp and Coding Systems
charset, text property on buffer text: Explicit Encoding
charset, text property on strings: Explicit Encoding
charset-after: Scanning Charsets
charset-list: Character Sets
charset-plist: Character Sets
charset-priority-list: Character Sets
charsetp: Character Sets
charsets supported by a coding system: Lisp and Coding Systems
check-coding-system: Lisp and Coding Systems
check-coding-systems-region: Lisp and Coding Systems
check-declare-directory: Declaring Functions
check-declare-file: Declaring Functions
checkdoc: Tips
checkdoc-current-buffer: Tips
checkdoc-file: Tips
checkdoc-minor-mode: Documentation Tips
checkdoc-package-keywords: Library Headers
checkdoc-package-keywords-flag: Library Headers
child frames: Child Frames
child process: Processes
child window: Windows and Frames
child-frame-border-width, a frame parameter: Layout Parameters
child-frame-parameters, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
choice, customization types: Splicing into Lists
cipher, AEAD: GnuTLS Cryptography
cipher, symmetric: GnuTLS Cryptography
circular list: Cons Cells
circular structure, read syntax: Circular Objects
cl: Lisp History
CL note—allocate more storage: Garbage Collection
CL note—case of letters: Symbol Type
CL note—default optional arg: Argument List
CL note—interning existing symbol: Creating Symbols
CL note—lack union, intersection: Sets And Lists
CL note—no continuable errors: Signaling Errors
CL note—no setf functions: Adding Generalized Variables
CL note—only throw in Emacs: Catch and Throw
CL note—rplaca vs setcar: Modifying Lists
CL note—special forms compared: Special Forms
CL note—symbol in obarrays: Creating Symbols
cl-call-next-method: Generic Functions
cl-defgeneric: Generic Functions
cl-defmethod: Generic Functions
cl-next-method-p: Generic Functions
cl-old-struct-compat-mode: Backward Compatibility
classification of file types: Kinds of Files
classifying events: Classifying Events
clean-mode: Major Modes
cleanup forms: Cleanups
clear-abbrev-table: Abbrev Tables
clear-image-cache: Image Cache
clear-message-function: Displaying Messages
clear-string: Modifying Strings
clear-this-command-keys: Command Loop Info
clear-visited-file-modtime: Modification Time
click event: Click Events
clickable buttons in buffers: Buttons
clickable text: Clickable Text
clipboard: Window System Selections
clipboard support (for MS-Windows): Window System Selections
clone-indirect-buffer: Indirect Buffers
clone-of, a window parameter: Window Parameters
CLOS: Generic Functions
closepath: SVG Images
closure: Closures
closures, example of using: Lexical Binding
clrhash: Hash Access
coded character set: Character Sets
codepoint, largest value: Character Codes
codes, interactive, description of: Interactive Codes
codespace: Text Representations
coding conventions in Emacs Lisp: Coding Conventions
coding standards: Tips
coding system: Coding Systems
coding system for operation: Specifying Coding Systems
coding system, automatically determined: Default Coding Systems
coding system, validity check: Lisp and Coding Systems
coding systems for encoding a string: Lisp and Coding Systems
coding systems for encoding region: Lisp and Coding Systems
coding systems, priority: Specifying Coding Systems
coding-system-aliases: Coding System Basics
coding-system-change-eol-conversion: Lisp and Coding Systems
coding-system-change-text-conversion: Lisp and Coding Systems
coding-system-charset-list: Lisp and Coding Systems
coding-system-eol-type: Lisp and Coding Systems
coding-system-for-read: Specifying Coding Systems
coding-system-for-write: Specifying Coding Systems
coding-system-get: Coding System Basics
coding-system-list: Lisp and Coding Systems
coding-system-p: Lisp and Coding Systems
coding-system-priority-list: Specifying Coding Systems
coding-system-require-warning: Specifying Coding Systems
collapse-delayed-warnings: Delayed Warnings
color names: Color Names
color-dark-p: Color Names
color-defined-p: Color Names
color-gray-p: Color Names
color-name-to-rgb: Color Names
color-supported-p: Color Names
color-values: Color Names
colors on text terminals: Text Terminal Colors
column width: Frame Font
column-0: Parser-based Indentation
columns: Columns
COM1: Serial Ports
combine-after-change-calls: Change Hooks
combine-and-quote-strings: Shell Arguments
combine-change-calls: Change Hooks
combining conditions: Combining Conditions
command: What Is a Function
command descriptions: A Sample Function Description
command history: Command History
command in keymap: Key Lookup
command loop: Command Loop
command loop variables: Command Loop Info
command loop, recursive: Recursive Editing
command-completion-default-include-p: Interactive Call
command-debug-status: Internals of Debugger
command-error-function: Processing of Errors
command-execute: Interactive Call
command-history: Command History
command-line: Command-Line Arguments
command-line arguments: Command-Line Arguments
command-line options: Command-Line Arguments
command-line-args: Command-Line Arguments
command-line-args-left: Command-Line Arguments
command-line-functions: Command-Line Arguments
command-line-processed: Command-Line Arguments
command-query: Disabling Commands
command-remapping: Remapping Commands
command-switch-alist: Command-Line Arguments
commandp: Interactive Call
commandp example: High-Level Completion
commands, defining: Defining Commands
commands, mode-specific: Command Modes
commands, specify as mode-specific: Command Modes
comment style: Syntax Flags
comment syntax: Syntax Class Table
comment-auto-fill-only-comments: Auto Filling
comment-end: Parser-based Indentation
comment-end-can-be-escaped: Control Parsing
comment-start: Parser-based Indentation
commentary, in a Lisp library: Library Headers
comments: Comments
comments, Lisp convention for: Comment Tips
Common Lisp: Lisp History
comp-native-version-dir: Library Search
compare tree-sitter syntax nodes: Accessing Node Information
compare-buffer-substrings: Comparing Text
compare-strings: Text Comparison
comparing buffer text: Comparing Text
comparing file modification time: Modification Time
comparing numbers: Comparison of Numbers
comparing time values: Time Calculations
compatibility, between modules and Emacs: Module Initialization
compilation (Emacs Lisp): Byte Compilation
compilation functions: Compilation Functions
compilation to native code (Emacs Lisp): Native Compilation
compile-defun: Compilation Functions
compile-time constant: Eval During Compile
compiled function: Byte-Code Objects
compiled-function-p: What Is a Function
compiler errors: Compiler Errors
compiler macro: Declare Form
compiler macros, advising: Advice and Byte Code
compiling tree-sitter queries: Pattern Matching
complete key: Keymap Basics
completing-read: Minibuffer Completion
completing-read-function: Minibuffer Completion
completion: Completion
completion category: Programmed Completion
completion metadata: Programmed Completion
completion styles: Completion Variables
completion table: Basic Completion
completion table, modifying: Basic Completion
completion tables, combining: Basic Completion
completion, file name: File Name Completion
completion-at-point: Completion in Buffers
completion-at-point-functions: Completion in Buffers
completion-auto-help: Completion Commands
completion-boundaries: Basic Completion
completion-category-overrides: Completion Variables
completion-extra-properties: Completion Variables
completion-ignore-case: Basic Completion
completion-ignored-extensions: File Name Completion
completion-in-region: Completion in Buffers
completion-regexp-list: Basic Completion
completion-styles: Completion Variables
completion-styles-alist: Completion Variables
completion-table-case-fold: Basic Completion
completion-table-dynamic: Programmed Completion
completion-table-in-turn: Basic Completion
completion-table-merge: Basic Completion
completion-table-subvert: Basic Completion
completion-table-with-cache: Programmed Completion
completion-table-with-predicate: Basic Completion
completion-table-with-quoting: Basic Completion
completion-table-with-terminator: Basic Completion
complex arguments: Minibuffers
complex command: Command History
composite type, in bindat specification: Bindat Types
composite types (customization): Composite Types
composition (text property): Special Properties
composition property, and point display: Adjusting Point
compute-motion: Screen Lines
computed documentation string: Function Documentation
concat: Creating Strings
concatenating bidirectional strings: Bidirectional Display
concatenating lists: Rearrangement
concatenating strings: Creating Strings
concurrency: Threads
cond: Conditionals
condition name: Error Symbols
condition-case: Handling Errors
condition-case-unless-debug: Handling Errors
condition-mutex: Condition Variables
condition-name: Condition Variables
condition-notify: Condition Variables
condition-variable-p: Condition Variables
condition-wait: Condition Variables
conditional evaluation: Conditionals
conditional selection of windows: Cyclic Window Ordering
confirm-kill-processes: Query Before Exit
connection local profiles: Connection Local Profiles
connection local variables: Connection Local Variables
connection local variables, applying: Applying Connection Local Variables
connection-local-criteria-alist: Connection Local Profiles
connection-local-default-application: Applying Connection Local Variables
connection-local-get-profile-variables: Connection Local Profiles
connection-local-profile-alist: Connection Local Profiles
connection-local-profile-name-for-setq: Applying Connection Local Variables
connection-local-set-profile-variables: Connection Local Profiles
connection-local-set-profiles: Connection Local Profiles
cons: Building Lists
cons cells: Building Lists
cons-cells-consed: Memory Usage
consing: Building Lists
consp: List-related Predicates
constant variables: Constant Variables
constant variables: Defining Variables
constrain-to-field: Fields
content directory, package: Packaging Basics
context menus, for a major mode: Major Mode Conventions
context-menu-functions: Major Mode Conventions
continuation lines: Truncation
continue-process: Signals to Processes
control character key constants: Low-Level Key Binding
control character printing: Describing Characters
control characters: Ctl-Char Syntax
control characters in display: Usual Display
control characters, reading: Quoted Character Input
control structures: Control Structures
Control-X-prefix: Prefix Keys
controller part, model/view/controller: Abstract Display Example
controlling terminal: Suspending Emacs
controlling-tty-p: Suspending Emacs
conventions for documentation strings: Documentation Tips
conventions for Emacs Lisp programs: Coding Conventions
conventions for Emacs programming: Programming Tips
conventions for key bindings: Key Binding Conventions
conventions for library header comments: Library Headers
conventions for Lisp comments: Comment Tips
conventions for writing major modes: Major Mode Conventions
conventions for writing minor modes: Minor Mode Conventions
conversion of strings: String Conversion
convert buffer position to file byte: Text Representations
convert file byte to buffer position: Text Representations
convert sequence to another type: Sequence Functions
convert-standard-filename: Standard File Names
converting file names from/to MS-Windows syntax: File Names
converting numbers: Numeric Conversions
coordinate, relative to frame: Coordinates and Windows
Coordinated Universal Time: Time of Day
coordinates-in-window-p: Coordinates and Windows
copy-abbrev-table: Abbrev Tables
copy-alist: Association Lists
copy-category-table: Categories
copy-directory: Create/Delete Dirs
copy-file: Changing Files
copy-hash-table: Other Hash
copy-keymap: Creating Keymaps
copy-marker: Creating Markers
copy-overlay: Managing Overlays
copy-region-as-kill: Kill Functions
copy-sequence: Sequence Functions
copy-syntax-table: Syntax Table Functions
copy-tree: Building Lists
copying alists: Association Lists
copying bidirectional text, preserve visual order: Bidirectional Display
copying files: Changing Files
copying lists: Building Lists
copying sequences: Sequence Functions
copying strings: Creating Strings
copying vectors: Vector Functions
copysign: Float Basics
copy_string_contents: Module Values
cos: Math Functions
count-lines: Text Lines
count-loop: A Sample Function Description
count-screen-lines: Screen Lines
count-words: Text Lines
counting columns: Columns
counting set bits: Bitwise Operations
coverage testing: Test Coverage
coverage testing (Edebug): Coverage Testing
create subprocess: Subprocess Creation
create-file-buffer: Subroutines of Visiting
create-fontset-from-fontset-spec: Fontsets
create-image: Defining Images
create-lockfiles: File Locks
creating buffers: Creating Buffers
creating hash tables: Creating Hash
creating keymaps: Creating Keymaps
creating markers: Creating Markers
creating strings: Creating Strings
creating tree-sitter parsers: Using Parser
creating, copying and deleting directories: Create/Delete Dirs
cryptographic hash: Checksum/Hash
cryptographic hash: GnuTLS Cryptography
ctl-arrow: Usual Display
ctl-x-4-map: Prefix Keys
ctl-x-5-map: Prefix Keys
ctl-x-map: Prefix Keys
ctl-x-r-map: Standard Keymaps
curly quotes: Text Quoting Style
curly quotes: Documentation Tips
curly quotes, in formatted messages: Formatting Strings
current binding: Local Variables
current buffer: Current Buffer
current buffer mark: The Mark
current buffer point and mark (Edebug): Edebug Display Update
current buffer position: Point
current command: Command Loop Info
current stack frame: Backtraces
current-active-maps: Active Keymaps
current-bidi-paragraph-direction: Bidirectional Display
current-buffer: Current Buffer
current-case-table: Case Tables
current-column: Columns
current-cpu-time: Time of Day
current-fill-column: Margins
current-frame-configuration: Frame Configurations
current-global-map: Controlling Active Maps
current-idle-time: Idle Timers
current-indentation: Primitive Indent
current-input-method: Input Methods
current-input-mode: Input Modes
current-justification: Filling
current-kill: Low-Level Kill Ring
current-left-margin: Margins
current-local-map: Controlling Active Maps
current-message: Displaying Messages
current-minibuffer-command: Command Loop Info
current-minor-mode-maps: Controlling Active Maps
current-prefix-arg: Prefix Command Arguments
current-thread: Basic Thread Functions
current-time: Time of Day
current-time-list: Time of Day
current-time-string: Time of Day
current-time-zone: Time Zone Rules
current-window-configuration: Window Configurations
current-word: Buffer Contents
currying: Calling Functions
cursor: Window Point
cursor (text property): Special Properties
cursor position for display properties and overlays: Special Properties
cursor, and frame parameters: Cursor Parameters
cursor, fringe: Fringe Cursors
cursor-color, a frame parameter: Font and Color Parameters
cursor-face (text property): Special Properties
cursor-face-highlight-mode: Special Properties
cursor-face-highlight-nonselected-window: Special Properties
cursor-in-echo-area: Echo Area Customization
cursor-in-non-selected-windows: Cursor Parameters
cursor-intangible (text property): Special Properties
cursor-intangible-mode: Special Properties
cursor-sensor-functions (text property): Special Properties
cursor-sensor-inhibit: Special Properties
cursor-sensor-mode: Special Properties
cursor-type: Cursor Parameters
cursor-type: Cursor Parameters
cursor-type, a frame parameter: Cursor Parameters
curved quotes: Text Quoting Style
curved quotes: Documentation Tips
curved quotes, in formatted messages: Formatting Strings
curveto: SVG Images
custom ‘%’-sequence in format: Custom Format Strings
custom format string: Custom Format Strings
custom themes: Custom Themes
custom-add-frequent-value: Variable Definitions
custom-group property: Group Definitions
custom-initialize-delay: Building Emacs
custom-known-themes: Custom Themes
custom-reevaluate-setting: Variable Definitions
custom-set-faces: Applying Customizations
custom-set-variables: Applying Customizations
custom-theme-p: Custom Themes
custom-theme-set-faces: Custom Themes
custom-theme-set-variables: Custom Themes
custom-unlispify-remove-prefixes: Group Definitions
custom-variable-history: Minibuffer History
custom-variable-p: Variable Definitions
customizable variables, how to define: Variable Definitions
customization groups, defining: Group Definitions
customization item: Customization
customization keywords: Common Keywords
customization types: Customization Types
customization types, define new: Defining New Types
customize-package-emacs-version-alist: Common Keywords
customized-face (face symbol property): Defining Faces
cycle-sort-function, in completion: Programmed Completion
cyclic ordering of windows: Cyclic Window Ordering
cygwin-convert-file-name-from-windows: File Names
cygwin-convert-file-name-to-windows: File Names

dangling symlinks, testing for existence: Testing Accessibility
data layout specification: Bindat Types
data type: Lisp Data Types
data-directory: Help Functions
database access, SQLite: Database
database object: Database
datagrams: Datagrams
date-days-in-month: Time Calculations
date-leap-year-p: Time Calculations
date-ordinal-to-time: Time Calculations
date-to-time: Time Parsing
days-to-time: Time Calculations
deactivate-mark: The Mark
deactivate-mark: The Mark
deactivate-mark-hook: The Mark
debug: Invoking the Debugger
debug-allow-recursive-debug: Error Debugging
debug-allow-recursive-debug: Debugger Commands
debug-ignored-errors: Error Debugging
debug-on-entry: Function Debugging
debug-on-error: Error Debugging
debug-on-error use: Processing of Errors
debug-on-event: Error Debugging
debug-on-message: Error Debugging
debug-on-next-call: Internals of Debugger
debug-on-quit: Infinite Loops
debug-on-signal: Error Debugging
debug-on-variable-change: Variable Debugging
debugger: Internals of Debugger
debugger command list: Debugger Commands
debugger for Emacs Lisp: Debugger
debugger, explicit entry: Explicit Debug
debugger-bury-or-kill: Using Debugger
debugger-stack-frame-as-list: Internals of Debugger
debugging changes to variables: Variable Debugging
debugging errors: Error Debugging
debugging font-lock: Other Font Lock Variables
debugging invalid Lisp syntax: Syntax Errors
debugging lisp programs: Debugging
debugging redisplay errors: Debugging Redisplay
debugging specific functions: Function Debugging
declare: Declare Form
declare: Declare Form
declare-function: Declaring Functions
declare-function: Declaring Functions
declaring functions: Declaring Functions
decode process output: Decoding Output
decode-char: Character Sets
decode-coding-inserted-region: Explicit Encoding
decode-coding-region: Explicit Encoding
decode-coding-string: Explicit Encoding
decode-time: Time Conversion
decoding file formats: Format Conversion
decoding in coding systems: Explicit Encoding
decrement field of register: Cons Cell Type
dedicated window: Dedicated Windows
dedicated, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
def-edebug-elem-spec: Specification List
def-edebug-spec: Instrumenting Macro Calls
defadvice: Porting Old Advice
defalias: Defining Functions
defalias-fset-function property: Defining Functions
default argument string: Interactive Codes
default character height: Frame Font
default character size: Frame Font
default character width: Frame Font
default coding system: Default Coding Systems
default coding system, functions to determine: Default Coding Systems
default filter function of a process: Filter Functions
default font: Frame Font
default height of character: Frame Font
default init file: Init File
default key binding: Format of Keymaps
default sentinel function of a process: Sentinels
default value: Default Value
default value of char-table: Char-Tables
default width of character: Frame Font
default-boundp: Default Value
default-directory: File Name Expansion
default-file-modes: Changing Files
default-font-height: Low-Level Font
default-font-width: Low-Level Font
default-frame-alist: Initial Parameters
default-input-method: Input Methods
default-justification: Filling
default-minibuffer-frame: Minibuffers and Frames
default-process-coding-system: Default Coding Systems
default-text-properties: Examining Properties
default-toplevel-value: Default Value
default-value: Default Value
default.el: Startup Summary
defconst: Defining Variables
defcustom: Variable Definitions
deferred evaluation: Deferred Eval
defface: Defining Faces
defgroup: Group Definitions
defimage: Defining Images
define customization group: Group Definitions
define customization options: Variable Definitions
define hash comparisons: Defining Hash
define image: Defining Images
define new bindat type forms: Bindat Computed Types
define new customization types: Defining New Types
define-abbrev: Defining Abbrevs
define-abbrev-table: Abbrev Tables
define-advice: Advising Named Functions
define-alternatives: Generic Commands
define-button-type: Button Types
define-category: Categories
define-derived-mode: Derived Modes
define-error: Error Symbols
define-error: Error Symbols
define-fringe-bitmap: Customizing Bitmaps
define-generic-mode: Generic Modes
define-globalized-minor-mode: Defining Minor Modes
define-hash-table-test: Defining Hash
define-icon: Icons
define-inline: Inline Functions
define-key: Low-Level Key Binding
define-key-after: Low-Level Key Binding
define-keymap: Creating Keymaps
define-minor-mode: Defining Minor Modes
define-multisession-variable: Multisession Variables
define-obsolete-face-alias: Face Functions
define-obsolete-function-alias: Obsolete Functions
define-obsolete-variable-alias: Variable Aliases
define-package: Multi-file Packages
define-prefix-command: Prefix Keys
define-short-documentation-group: Documentation Groups
defined-colors: Color Names
defining a function: Defining Functions
defining abbrevs: Defining Abbrevs
defining commands: Defining Commands
defining customization variables in C: Writing Emacs Primitives
defining faces: Defining Faces
defining functions dynamically: Defining Functions
defining Lisp variables in C: Writing Emacs Primitives
defining macros: Defining Macros
defining menus: Defining Menus
defining tokens, SMIE: SMIE Lexer
defining-kbd-macro: Keyboard Macros
definition-prefixes: Autoload by Prefix
definitions of symbols: Definitions
defmacro: Defining Macros
defsubr, Lisp symbol for a primitive: Writing Emacs Primitives
defsubst: Inline Functions
deftheme: Custom Themes
defun: Defining Functions
DEFUN, C macro to define Lisp primitives: Writing Emacs Primitives
defun-prompt-regexp: List Motion
defvar: Defining Variables
defvar-keymap: Creating Keymaps
defvar-local: Creating Buffer-Local
defvaralias: Variable Aliases
delay-mode-hooks: Mode Hooks
delay-warning: Delayed Warnings
delayed warnings: Delayed Warnings
delayed-warnings-hook: Delayed Warnings
delayed-warnings-hook: Standard Hooks
delayed-warnings-list: Delayed Warnings
delete: Sets And Lists
delete-and-extract-region: Deletion
delete-auto-save-file-if-necessary: Auto-Saving
delete-auto-save-files: Auto-Saving
delete-backward-char: Deletion
delete-before, a frame parameter: Frame Interaction Parameters
delete-blank-lines: User-Level Deletion
delete-by-moving-to-trash: Changing Files
delete-by-moving-to-trash: Create/Delete Dirs
delete-char: Deletion
delete-directory: Create/Delete Dirs
delete-dups: Sets And Lists
delete-exited-processes: Deleting Processes
delete-field: Fields
delete-file: Changing Files
delete-frame: Deleting Frames
delete-frame event: Misc Events
delete-frame-functions: Deleting Frames
delete-horizontal-space: User-Level Deletion
delete-indentation: User-Level Deletion
delete-minibuffer-contents: Minibuffer Contents
delete-old-versions: Numbered Backups
delete-other-frames: Deleting Frames
delete-other-windows: Deleting Windows
delete-other-windows, a window parameter: Window Parameters
delete-overlay: Managing Overlays
delete-process: Deleting Processes
delete-region: Deletion
delete-selection, symbol property: The Mark
delete-selection-helper: The Mark
delete-selection-pre-hook: The Mark
delete-terminal: Multiple Terminals
delete-terminal-functions: Multiple Terminals
delete-to-left-margin: Margins
delete-trailing-whitespace: User-Level Deletion
delete-window: Deleting Windows
delete-window, a window parameter: Window Parameters
delete-window-choose-selected: Deleting Windows
delete-windows-on: Deleting Windows
deleting files: Changing Files
deleting frames: Deleting Frames
deleting list elements: Sets And Lists
deleting previous char: Deletion
deleting processes: Deleting Processes
deleting text vs killing: Deletion
deleting whitespace: User-Level Deletion
deleting windows: Deleting Windows
delq: Sets And Lists
dependencies: Packaging Basics
derived mode: Derived Modes
derived-mode-p: Derived Modes
describe characters and events: Describing Characters
describe-bindings: Scanning Keymaps
describe-buffer-case-table: Case Tables
describe-categories: Categories
describe-current-display-table: Display Tables
describe-display-table: Display Tables
describe-mode: Mode Help
describe-prefix-bindings: Help Functions
describe-syntax: Syntax Table Functions
description for interactive codes: Interactive Codes
description format: Format of Descriptions
deserializing: Byte Packing
desktop notifications: Desktop Notifications
desktop save mode: Desktop Save Mode
desktop-buffer-mode-handlers: Desktop Save Mode
desktop-save-buffer: Desktop Save Mode
destroy-fringe-bitmap: Customizing Bitmaps
destructive list operations: Modifying Lists
destructuring with pcase patterns: Destructuring with pcase Patterns
detect-coding-region: Lisp and Coding Systems
detect-coding-string: Lisp and Coding Systems
deterministic build: Building Emacs
device names: Command Loop Info
device-class: Command Loop Info
diagrams, boxed, for lists: Box Diagrams
dialog boxes: Dialog Boxes
digit-argument: Prefix Command Arguments
ding: Beeping
dir-locals-class-alist: Directory Local Variables
dir-locals-directory-cache: Directory Local Variables
dir-locals-file: Directory Local Variables
dir-locals-set-class-variables: Directory Local Variables
dir-locals-set-directory-class: Directory Local Variables
direct save protocol: Drag and Drop
direction, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
directional overrides: Bidirectional Display
directory file name: Directory Names
directory local variables: Directory Local Variables
directory name: Directory Names
directory part (of file name): File Name Components
directory-abbrev-alist: Directory Names
directory-empty-p: Contents of Directories
directory-file-name: Directory Names
directory-files: Contents of Directories
directory-files-and-attributes: Contents of Directories
directory-files-no-dot-files-regexp: Contents of Directories
directory-files-recursively: Contents of Directories
directory-name-p: Directory Names
directory-oriented functions: Contents of Directories
dired-kept-versions: Numbered Backups
disable asynchronous native compilation: Native-Compilation Variables
disable-command: Disabling Commands
disable-point-adjustment: Adjusting Point
disable-theme: Custom Themes
disabled: Disabling Commands
disabled command: Disabling Commands
disabled-command-function: Disabling Commands
disabling multibyte: Disabling Multibyte
disabling undo: Maintaining Undo
disassemble: Disassembly
disassembled byte-code: Disassembly
discard-input: Event Input Misc
discarding input: Event Input Misc
dispatch of methods for generic function: Generic Functions
display (overlay property): Overlay Properties
display (text property): Display Property
display action: Choosing Window
display area: Frame Layout
display feature testing: Display Feature Testing
display margins: Display Margins
display message in echo area: Displaying Messages
display name on X: Multiple Terminals
display origin: Frame Layout
display properties, and bidi reordering of text: Bidirectional Display
display property: Display Property
display property, and point display: Adjusting Point
display property, unsafe evaluation: Display Property
display specification: Display Property
display table: Display Tables
display, a frame parameter: Basic Parameters
display, abstract: Abstract Display
display, arbitrary objects: Abstract Display
display-backing-store: Display Feature Testing
display-buffer: Choosing Window
display-buffer-alist: Choosing Window
display-buffer-at-bottom: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-base-action: Choosing Window
display-buffer-below-selected: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-fallback-action: Choosing Window
display-buffer-full-frame: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-in-atom-window: Atomic Windows
display-buffer-in-child-frame: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-in-direction: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-in-previous-window: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-in-side-window: Displaying Buffers in Side Windows
display-buffer-no-window: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-overriding-action: Choosing Window
display-buffer-pop-up-frame: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-pop-up-window: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-reuse-mode-window: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-reuse-window: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-same-window: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-use-least-recent-window: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-use-some-frame: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-buffer-use-some-window: Buffer Display Action Functions
display-color-cells: Display Feature Testing
display-color-p: Display Feature Testing
display-completion-list: Completion Commands
display-delayed-warnings: Delayed Warnings
display-graphic-p: Display Feature Testing
display-grayscale-p: Display Feature Testing
display-images-p: Display Feature Testing
display-message-or-buffer: Displaying Messages
display-mm-dimensions-alist: Display Feature Testing
display-mm-height: Display Feature Testing
display-mm-width: Display Feature Testing
display-monitor-attributes-list: Multiple Terminals
display-monitors-changed-functions: Multiple Terminals
display-mouse-p: Display Feature Testing
display-pixel-height: Display Feature Testing
display-pixel-width: Display Feature Testing
display-planes: Display Feature Testing
display-popup-menus-p: Display Feature Testing
display-save-under: Display Feature Testing
display-screens: Display Feature Testing
display-selections-p: Display Feature Testing
display-sort-function, in completion: Programmed Completion
display-start position: Window Start and End
display-supports-face-attributes-p: Display Feature Testing
display-table-slot: Display Tables
display-type, a frame parameter: Basic Parameters
display-visual-class: Display Feature Testing
display-warning: Warning Basics
displaying a buffer: Displaying Buffers
displaying faces: Displaying Faces
displays, multiple: Multiple Terminals
distance between strings: Text Comparison
distinguish interactive calls: Distinguish Interactive
dlet: Local Variables
dnd-begin-drag-files: Drag and Drop
dnd-begin-file-drag: Drag and Drop
dnd-begin-text-drag: Drag and Drop
dnd-direct-save: Drag and Drop
dnd-protocol-alist: Drag and Drop
do-auto-save: Auto-Saving
DOC (documentation) file: Documentation Basics
doc, customization keyword: Type Keywords
doc-directory: Accessing Documentation
Document Object Model: Document Object Model
documentation: Accessing Documentation
documentation conventions: Documentation Basics
documentation for major mode: Mode Help
documentation groups: Documentation Groups
documentation notation: Evaluation Notation
documentation string of function: Function Documentation
documentation strings: Documentation
documentation strings, conventions and tips: Documentation Tips
documentation, keys in: Keys in Documentation
documentation-property: Accessing Documentation
dolist: Iteration
dolist-with-progress-reporter: Progress
DOM: Document Object Model
dom-node: Document Object Model
dotimes: Iteration
dotimes-with-progress-reporter: Progress
dotted list: Cons Cells
dotted lists (Edebug): Specification List
dotted pair notation: Dotted Pair Notation
double-click events: Repeat Events
double-click-fuzz: Repeat Events
double-click-time: Repeat Events
double-quote in strings: Syntax for Strings
down-list: List Motion
downcase: Case Conversion
downcase-region: Case Changes
downcase-word: Case Changes
downcasing in lookup-key: Key Sequence Input
download-callback xwidget events: Xwidget Events
download-started xwidget events: Xwidget Events
drag and drop: Drag and Drop
drag and drop protocols, X: Drag and Drop
drag and drop, other formats: Drag and Drop
drag and drop, X: Drag and Drop
drag event: Drag Events
drag-internal-border, a frame parameter: Mouse Dragging Parameters
drag-n-drop event: Misc Events
drag-with-header-line, a frame parameter: Mouse Dragging Parameters
drag-with-mode-line, a frame parameter: Mouse Dragging Parameters
drag-with-tab-line, a frame parameter: Mouse Dragging Parameters
dribble file: Recording Input
drop target, in drag-and-drop operations: Drag and Drop
dump file: Building Emacs
dump-emacs: Building Emacs
dump-emacs-portable: Building Emacs
dumping Emacs: Building Emacs
dynamic binding: Variable Scoping
dynamic binding, temporarily: Local Variables
dynamic extent: Variable Scoping
dynamic let-binding: Local Variables
dynamic libraries: Dynamic Libraries
dynamic loading of documentation: Docs and Compilation
dynamic loading of functions: Dynamic Loading
dynamic modules: Dynamic Modules
dynamic modules, writing: Writing Dynamic Modules
dynamic scope: Variable Scoping
dynamic-library-alist: Dynamic Libraries

eager macro expansion: How Programs Do Loading
early init file: Init File
early-init.el: Init File
easy-menu-define: Easy Menu
easy-mmode-define-minor-mode: Defining Minor Modes
echo area: The Echo Area
echo area customization: Echo Area Customization
echo-area-clear-hook: Echo Area Customization
echo-keystrokes: Echo Area Customization
edebug: Source Breakpoints
Edebug debugging facility: Edebug
Edebug execution modes: Edebug Execution Modes
edebug overwrites buffer point position: Edebug Display Update
Edebug specification list: Specification List
edebug, failure to instrument: Instrumenting
edebug-after-instrumentation-function: Edebug Options
edebug-all-defs: Edebug Options
edebug-all-forms: Edebug Options
edebug-backtrace-hide-instrumentation: Edebug Misc
edebug-backtrace-show-instrumentation: Edebug Misc
edebug-behavior-alist: Edebug Options
edebug-continue-kbd-macro: Edebug Options
edebug-defun: Instrumenting
edebug-display-freq-count: Coverage Testing
edebug-eval-macro-args: Instrumenting Macro Calls
edebug-eval-macro-args: Edebug Options
edebug-eval-top-level-form: Instrumenting
edebug-global-break-condition: Edebug Options
edebug-initial-mode: Edebug Options
edebug-max-depth: Checking Whether to Stop
edebug-new-definition-function: Edebug Options
edebug-on-error: Edebug Options
edebug-on-quit: Edebug Options
edebug-print-circle: Printing in Edebug
edebug-print-circle: Edebug Options
edebug-print-length: Printing in Edebug
edebug-print-length: Edebug Options
edebug-print-level: Printing in Edebug
edebug-print-level: Edebug Options
edebug-print-trace-after: Trace Buffer
edebug-print-trace-before: Trace Buffer
edebug-remove-instrumentation: Instrumenting
edebug-save-displayed-buffer-points: Edebug Options
edebug-save-windows: Edebug Options
edebug-set-global-break-condition: Global Break Condition
edebug-set-initial-mode: Edebug Execution Modes
edebug-setup-hook: Edebug Options
edebug-sit-for-seconds: Edebug Execution Modes
edebug-sit-for-seconds: Edebug Options
edebug-sit-on-break: Edebug Options
edebug-temp-display-freq-count: Coverage Testing
edebug-test-coverage: Edebug Options
edebug-trace: Edebug Options
edebug-trace: Trace Buffer
edebug-tracing: Trace Buffer
edebug-unwrap-results: Edebug Options
edge detection, images: Image Descriptors
edit distance between strings: Text Comparison
edit-and-eval-command: Object from Minibuffer
editing types: Editing Types
editor command loop: Command Loop
eight-bit, a charset: Character Sets
electric-future-map: A Sample Variable Description
element (of list): Lists
elements of sequences: Sequence Functions
elliptical-arc: SVG Images
elp.el: Profiling
elt: Sequence Functions
Emacs event standard notation: Describing Characters
Emacs process run time: Processor Run Time
emacs, a charset: Character Sets
emacs-build-number: Version Info
emacs-build-time: Version Info
emacs-init-time: Processor Run Time
emacs-internal coding system: Coding System Basics
emacs-lisp-docstring-fill-column: Documentation Tips
emacs-lisp-native-compile: Native-Compilation Functions
emacs-lisp-native-compile-and-load: Native-Compilation Functions
emacs-major-version: Version Info
emacs-minor-version: Version Info
emacs-pid: System Environment
emacs-repository-branch: Version Info
emacs-repository-version: Version Info
emacs-save-session-functions: Session Management
emacs-session-restore: Session Management
emacs-startup-hook: Init File
emacs-uptime: Processor Run Time
emacs-version: Version Info
emacs-version: Version Info
emacsclient, getting a backtrace: Error Debugging
EMACSLOADPATH environment variable: Library Search
emacs_finalizer: Module Functions
emacs_funcall_exit, enumeration: Module Nonlocal
emacs_funcall_exit_return: Module Nonlocal
emacs_funcall_exit_signal: Module Nonlocal
emacs_funcall_exit_throw: Module Nonlocal
emacs_function: Module Functions
EMACS_LIMB_MAX: Module Values
emacs_module_init: Dynamic Modules
emacs_module_init: Module Initialization
emacs_value data type: Module Values
emacs_variadic_function: Module Functions
embedded language, tree-sitter: Multiple Languages
embedded widgets: Xwidgets
empty file name: Relative File Names
empty file name, and file-exists-p: Testing Accessibility
empty file names, and expand-file-name: File Name Expansion
empty lines, indicating: Fringe Indicators
empty list: Box Diagrams
empty overlay: Managing Overlays
empty region: The Region
emulation-mode-map-alists: Controlling Active Maps
enable-command: Disabling Commands
enable-connection-local-variables: Applying Connection Local Variables
enable-dir-local-variables: Directory Local Variables
enable-local-eval: File Local Variables
enable-local-variables: File Local Variables
enable-multibyte-characters: Text Representations
enable-multibyte-characters: Disabling Multibyte
enable-recursive-minibuffers: Recursive Mini
enable-theme: Custom Themes
encapsulation, ewoc: Abstract Display
encode-char: Character Sets
encode-coding-region: Explicit Encoding
encode-coding-string: Explicit Encoding
encode-time: Time Conversion
encoding file formats: Format Conversion
encoding in coding systems: Explicit Encoding
encrypted network connections: Network
end of line in regexp: Regexp Special
end-of-buffer: Buffer End Motion
end-of-defun: List Motion
end-of-defun-function: List Motion
end-of-file: Input Functions
end-of-line: Text Lines
end-of-line conversion: Coding System Basics
end-session event: Misc Events
endianness, in bindat specification: Bindat Types
ensure-empty-lines: Commands for Insertion
ensure-list: Building Lists
environment: Intro Eval
environment variable access: System Environment
environment variables, subprocesses: Subprocess Creation
eobp: Near Point
EOL conversion: Coding System Basics
eol conversion of coding system: Lisp and Coding Systems
eol in rx: Rx Constructs
eol type of coding system: Lisp and Coding Systems
eolp: Near Point
eos in rx: Rx Constructs
eot in rx: Rx Constructs
eow in rx: Rx Constructs
epoch: Time of Day
eq: Equality Predicates
eq: Module Misc
eql: Comparison of Numbers
equal: Equality Predicates
equal-including-properties: Equality Predicates
equality: Equality Predicates
erase-buffer: Deletion
error: Signaling Errors
error cleanup: Cleanups
error debugging: Error Debugging
error description: Handling Errors
error display: The Echo Area
error handler: Handling Errors
error in debug: Invoking the Debugger
error message notation: Error Messages
error name: Error Symbols
error symbol: Error Symbols
error-conditions: Error Symbols
error-message-string: Handling Errors
errors: Errors
ESC: Functions for Key Lookup
esc-map: Prefix Keys
ESC-prefix: Prefix Keys
escape (ASCII character): Basic Char Syntax
escape characters: Output Variables
escape characters in printing: Output Functions
escape sequence: Basic Char Syntax
escaping apostrophe and grave accent in doc strings: Documentation Tips
eval: Eval
eval during compilation: Eval During Compile
eval in rx: Rx Constructs
eval, and debugging: Internals of Debugger
eval-and-compile: Eval During Compile
eval-buffer: Eval
eval-buffer (Edebug): Instrumenting
eval-defun (Edebug): Instrumenting
eval-defun, and defcustom forms: Variable Definitions
eval-defun, and defface forms: Defining Faces
eval-defun, and defvar forms: Defining Variables
eval-defun, and explicit entry to debugger: Explicit Debug
eval-expression (Edebug): Instrumenting
eval-expression, and lexical-binding: Using Lexical Binding
eval-expression-debug-on-error: Error Debugging
eval-expression-print-length: Output Variables
eval-expression-print-level: Output Variables
eval-last-sexp, and defface forms: Defining Faces
eval-last-sexp, and defvar forms: Defining Variables
eval-minibuffer: Object from Minibuffer
eval-region: Eval
eval-region (Edebug): Instrumenting
eval-when-compile: Eval During Compile
evaluated expression argument: Interactive Codes
evaluation: Evaluation
evaluation list group: Eval List
evaluation notation: Evaluation Notation
evaluation of buffer contents: Eval
evaluation of special forms: Special Forms
evaporate (overlay property): Overlay Properties
even-window-sizes: Choosing Window Options
event printing: Describing Characters
event translation: Event Mod
event type: Classifying Events
event, reading only one: Reading One Event
event-basic-type: Classifying Events
event-click-count: Repeat Events
event-convert-list: Low-Level Key Binding
event-end: Accessing Mouse
event-modifiers: Classifying Events
event-start: Accessing Mouse
eventp: Input Events
events: Input Events
ewoc: Abstract Display
ewoc-buffer: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-collect: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-create: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-data: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-delete: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-enter-after: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-enter-before: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-enter-first: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-enter-last: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-filter: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-get-hf: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-goto-next: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-goto-node: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-goto-prev: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-invalidate: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-locate: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-location: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-map: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-next: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-nth: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-prev: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-refresh: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-set-data: Abstract Display Functions
ewoc-set-hf: Abstract Display Functions
examining text properties: Examining Properties
examining the interactive form: Using Interactive
examining windows: Buffers and Windows
examples of using interactive: Interactive Examples
excess close parentheses: Excess Close
excess open parentheses: Excess Open
excursion: Excursions
exec-directory: Subprocess Creation
exec-path: Subprocess Creation
exec-path: Subprocess Creation
exec-suffixes: Subprocess Creation
executable-find: Locating Files
execute program: Subprocess Creation
execute with prefix argument: Interactive Call
execute-extended-command: Interactive Call
execute-extended-command-for-buffer: Interactive Call
execute-kbd-macro: Keyboard Macros
executing-kbd-macro: Keyboard Macros
execution order of buffer display action functions: Precedence of Action Functions
execution speed: Compilation Tips
exit: Recursive Editing
exit recursive editing: Recursive Editing
exit-minibuffer: Minibuffer Commands
exit-recursive-edit: Recursive Editing
exiting Emacs: Getting Out
exp: Math Functions
expand-abbrev: Abbrev Expansion
expand-file-name: File Name Expansion
expanding abbrevs: Abbrev Expansion
expansion of file names: File Name Expansion
expansion of macros: Expansion
explicit selective display: Selective Display
explicit-name, a frame parameter: Basic Parameters
explore tree-sitter syntax tree: Language Grammar
expression: Intro Eval
expt: Math Functions
extended file attributes: Extended Attributes
extended menu item: Extended Menu Items
extended-command-history: Minibuffer History
extent: Variable Scoping
external border: Frame Layout
external menu bar: Frame Layout
external tool bar: Frame Layout
external-debugging-output: Output Streams
extra node, tree-sitter: Accessing Node Information
extra slots of char-table: Char-Tables
extra-keyboard-modifiers: Event Mod
extract_big_integer: Module Values
extract_float: Module Values
extract_integer: Module Values
extract_time: Module Values

face (button property): Button Properties
face (non-removability of): Defining Faces
face (overlay property): Overlay Properties
face (text property): Special Properties
face alias: Face Functions
face attributes: Face Attributes
face attributes, access and modification: Attribute Functions
face codes of text: Special Properties
face merging: Displaying Faces
face name: Faces
face number: Face Functions
face property of face symbols: Face Functions
face remapping: Face Remapping
face spec: Defining Faces
face-all-attributes: Attribute Functions
face-attribute: Attribute Functions
face-attribute-relative-p: Attribute Functions
face-background: Attribute Functions
face-bold-p: Attribute Functions
face-defface-spec (face symbol property): Defining Faces
face-differs-from-default-p: Face Functions
face-documentation: Accessing Documentation
face-documentation: Face Functions
face-documentation (face symbol property): Defining Faces
face-equal: Face Functions
face-extend-p: Attribute Functions
face-filters-always-match: Special Properties
face-font: Attribute Functions
face-font-family-alternatives: Font Selection
face-font-registry-alternatives: Font Selection
face-font-rescale-alist: Font Selection
face-font-selection-order: Font Selection
face-foreground: Attribute Functions
face-id: Face Functions
face-inverse-video-p: Attribute Functions
face-italic-p: Attribute Functions
face-list: Face Functions
face-name-history: Minibuffer History
face-remap-add-relative: Face Remapping
face-remap-remove-relative: Face Remapping
face-remap-reset-base: Face Remapping
face-remap-set-base: Face Remapping
face-remapping-alist: Face Remapping
face-spec-set: Defining Faces
face-stipple: Attribute Functions
face-underline-p: Attribute Functions
facep: Faces
faces: Faces
faces for font lock: Faces for Font Lock
faces, automatic choice: Auto Faces
false: nil and t
fboundp: Function Cells
fceiling: Rounding Operations
feature-unload-function: Unloading
featurep: Named Features
features: Named Features
features: Named Features
fetch-bytecode: Dynamic Loading
ffloor: Rounding Operations
field (overlay property): Overlay Properties
field (text property): Special Properties
field name, tree-sitter: Language Grammar
field numbers in format spec: Formatting Strings
field width: Formatting Strings
field-beginning: Fields
field-end: Fields
field-is: Parser-based Indentation
field-string: Fields
field-string-no-properties: Fields
fields: Fields
fifo data structure: Rings
file accessibility: Testing Accessibility
file age: File Attributes
file attributes: File Attributes
file classification: Kinds of Files
file contents, and default coding system: Default Coding Systems
file format conversion: Format Conversion
file hard link: Changing Files
file local variables: File Local Variables
file local variables: Security Considerations
file locks: File Locks
file mode specification error: Auto Major Mode
file modes: Testing Accessibility
file modes and MS-DOS: Testing Accessibility
file modes, setting: Changing Files
file modification time: File Attributes
file name abbreviations: Directory Names
file name completion subroutines: File Name Completion
file name handler: Magic File Names
file name of buffer: Buffer File Name
file name of directory: Directory Names
file name, and default coding system: Default Coding Systems
file names: File Names
file names in directory: Contents of Directories
file names, trailing whitespace: Information about Files
file notifications: File Notifications
file open error: Subroutines of Visiting
file permissions: Testing Accessibility
file permissions, setting: Changing Files
file with multiple names: Changing Files
file, ancestor directory of: Contents of Directories
file, information about: Information about Files
file-accessible-directory-p: Testing Accessibility
file-acl: Extended Attributes
file-already-exists: Changing Files
file-attributes: File Attributes
file-backup-file-names: Backup Names
file-chase-links: Truenames
file-coding-system-alist: Default Coding Systems
file-directory-p: Kinds of Files
file-equal-p: Truenames
file-error: How Programs Do Loading
file-executable-p: Testing Accessibility
file-exists-p: Testing Accessibility
file-expand-wildcards: Contents of Directories
file-extended-attributes: Extended Attributes
file-has-changed-p: File Attributes
file-in-directory-p: Contents of Directories
file-local-copy: Magic File Names
file-local-name: Magic File Names
file-local-variables-alist: File Local Variables
file-locked: File Locks
file-locked-p: File Locks
file-modes: Testing Accessibility
file-modes-number-to-symbolic: Changing Files
file-modes-symbolic-to-number: Changing Files
file-name encoding, MS-Windows: Encoding and I/O
file-name-absolute-p: Relative File Names
file-name-all-completions: File Name Completion
file-name-as-directory: Directory Names
file-name-base: File Name Components
file-name-case-insensitive-p: Truenames
file-name-coding-system: Encoding and I/O
file-name-completion: File Name Completion
file-name-concat: Directory Names
file-name-directory: File Name Components
file-name-extension: File Name Components
file-name-handler-alist: Magic File Names
file-name-history: Minibuffer History
file-name-nondirectory: File Name Components
file-name-parent-directory: Directory Names
file-name-quote: File Name Expansion
file-name-quoted-p: File Name Expansion
file-name-sans-extension: File Name Components
file-name-sans-versions: File Name Components
file-name-split: File Name Components
file-name-unquote: File Name Expansion
file-name-with-extension: File Name Components
file-newer-than-file-p: File Attributes
file-newest-backup: Backup Names
file-nlinks: File Attributes
file-notify-add-watch: File Notifications
file-notify-rm-all-watches: File Notifications
file-notify-rm-watch: File Notifications
file-notify-valid-p: File Notifications
file-ownership-preserved-p: Testing Accessibility
file-precious-flag: Saving Buffers
file-readable-p: Testing Accessibility
file-regular-p: Kinds of Files
file-relative-name: Relative File Names
file-remote-p: Magic File Names
file-selinux-context: Extended Attributes
file-supersession: Modification Time
file-symlink-p: Kinds of Files
file-truename: Truenames
file-writable-p: Testing Accessibility
filepos-to-bufferpos: Text Representations
fill-column: Margins
fill-context-prefix: Adaptive Fill
fill-forward-paragraph-function: Filling
fill-individual-paragraphs: Filling
fill-individual-varying-indent: Filling
fill-nobreak-predicate: Margins
fill-paragraph: Filling
fill-paragraph-function: Filling
fill-prefix: Margins
fill-region: Filling
fill-region-as-paragraph: Filling
fill-separate-heterogeneous-words-with-space: Filling
fillarray: Array Functions
filling text: Filling
filling, automatic: Auto Filling
filter function: Filter Functions
filter multibyte flag, of process: Decoding Output
filter-buffer-substring: Buffer Contents
filter-buffer-substring-function: Buffer Contents
filter-buffer-substring-functions: Buffer Contents
filtering killed text: Kill Functions
filtering sequences: Sequence Functions
find file in path: Locating Files
find library: Library Search
find-auto-coding: Default Coding Systems
find-backup-file-name: Backup Names
find-buffer-visiting: Buffer File Name
find-charset-region: Scanning Charsets
find-charset-string: Scanning Charsets
find-coding-systems-for-charsets: Lisp and Coding Systems
find-coding-systems-region: Lisp and Coding Systems
find-coding-systems-string: Lisp and Coding Systems
find-file: Visiting Functions
find-file-hook: Visiting Functions
find-file-literally: Visiting Functions
find-file-literally: Visiting Functions
find-file-name-handler: Magic File Names
find-file-noselect: Visiting Functions
find-file-not-found-functions: Visiting Functions
find-file-other-window: Visiting Functions
find-file-read-only: Visiting Functions
find-file-wildcards: Visiting Functions
find-font: Low-Level Font
find-image: Defining Images
find-operation-coding-system: Default Coding Systems
find-word-boundary-function-table: Word Motion
finding files: Visiting Files
finding windows: Cyclic Window Ordering
first-change-hook: Change Hooks
first-sibling: Parser-based Indentation
fit-frame-to-buffer: Resizing Windows
fit-frame-to-buffer: Resizing Windows
fit-frame-to-buffer-margins: Resizing Windows
fit-frame-to-buffer-margins, a frame parameter: Size Parameters
fit-frame-to-buffer-sizes: Resizing Windows
fit-frame-to-buffer-sizes, a frame parameter: Size Parameters
fit-window-to-buffer: Resizing Windows
fit-window-to-buffer-horizontally: Resizing Windows
fixed-size window: Window Sizes
fixnump: Predicates on Numbers
fixup-whitespace: User-Level Deletion
flags in format specifications: Formatting Strings
flatten-tree: Building Lists
float: Numeric Conversions
float-e: Math Functions
float-output-format: Output Variables
float-pi: Math Functions
float-time: Time of Day
floating-point functions: Math Functions
floatp: Predicates on Numbers
floats-consed: Memory Usage
floor: Numeric Conversions
flowcontrol, in serial connections: Serial Ports
flush-standard-output: Output Functions
flushing input: Event Input Misc
fmakunbound: Function Cells
fn in function’s documentation string: Autoload
focus event: Focus Events
focus-follows-mouse: Input Focus
focus-in-hook: Standard Hooks
focus-out-hook: Standard Hooks
follow links: Clickable Text
follow-link (button property): Button Properties
follow-link (text or overlay property): Clickable Text
following-char: Near Point
font and color, frame parameters: Font and Color Parameters
font backend: Low-Level Font
font entity: Low-Level Font
font information for layout: Low-Level Font
font lock faces: Faces for Font Lock
Font Lock mode: Font Lock Mode
font lookup: Font Lookup
font object: Low-Level Font
font property: Low-Level Font
font registry: Low-Level Font
font selection: Font Selection
font spec: Low-Level Font
font, a frame parameter: Font and Color Parameters
font-at: Low-Level Font
font-backend, a frame parameter: Font and Color Parameters
font-face-attributes: Low-Level Font
font-family-list: Face Attributes
font-get: Low-Level Font
font-info: Low-Level Font
font-lock-add-keywords: Customizing Keywords
font-lock-bracket-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-builtin-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-comment-delimiter-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-comment-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-constant-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-debug-fontify: Font Lock Basics
font-lock-defaults: Font Lock Basics
font-lock-delimiter-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-doc-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-doc-markup-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-ensure &optional beg end: Font Lock Basics
font-lock-ensure-function: Other Font Lock Variables
font-lock-escape-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-extend-after-change-region-function: Region to Refontify
font-lock-extra-managed-props: Other Font Lock Variables
font-lock-face (text property): Special Properties
font-lock-flush &optional beg end: Font Lock Basics
font-lock-flush-function: Other Font Lock Variables
font-lock-fontify-buffer: Font Lock Basics
font-lock-fontify-buffer-function: Other Font Lock Variables
font-lock-fontify-region beg end &optional loudly: Font Lock Basics
font-lock-fontify-region-function: Other Font Lock Variables
font-lock-function-call-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-function-name-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-ignore: Customizing Keywords
font-lock-keyword-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-keywords: Search-based Fontification
font-lock-keywords-case-fold-search: Search-based Fontification
font-lock-keywords-only: Syntactic Font Lock
font-lock-mark-block-function: Other Font Lock Variables
font-lock-misc-punctuation-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-multiline: Font Lock Multiline
font-lock-negation-char-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-number-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-operator-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-preprocessor-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-property-name-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-property-use-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-punctuation-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-remove-keywords: Customizing Keywords
font-lock-string-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-syntactic-face-function: Syntactic Font Lock
font-lock-syntax-table: Syntactic Font Lock
font-lock-type-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-unfontify-buffer: Font Lock Basics
font-lock-unfontify-buffer-function: Other Font Lock Variables
font-lock-unfontify-region beg end: Font Lock Basics
font-lock-unfontify-region-function: Other Font Lock Variables
font-lock-variable-name-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-variable-use-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-lock-warning-face: Faces for Font Lock
font-put: Low-Level Font
font-spec: Low-Level Font
font-xlfd-name: Low-Level Font
fontification-functions: Auto Faces
fontifications with tree-sitter, overview: Parser-based Font Lock
fontified (text property): Special Properties
fontp: Low-Level Font
fontset: Fontsets
foo: A Sample Function Description
for: Argument Evaluation
force coding system for operation: Specifying Coding Systems
force entry to debugger: Explicit Debug
force-mode-line-update: Mode Line Basics
force-window-update: Forcing Redisplay
forcing redisplay: Forcing Redisplay
foreground-color, a frame parameter: Font and Color Parameters
form: Intro Eval
form, self-evaluating: Self-Evaluating Forms
format: Formatting Strings
format definition: Format Conversion Round-Trip
format of gnutls cryptography inputs: Format of GnuTLS Cryptography Inputs
format of keymaps: Format of Keymaps
format specification: Formatting Strings
format, customization keyword: Type Keywords
format-alist: Format Conversion Round-Trip
format-find-file: Format Conversion Round-Trip
format-insert-file: Format Conversion Round-Trip
format-message: Formatting Strings
format-mode-line: Emulating Mode Line
format-network-address: Misc Network
format-prompt: Text from Minibuffer
format-seconds: Time Parsing
format-spec: Custom Format Strings
format-time-string: Time Parsing
format-write-file: Format Conversion Round-Trip
formatting numbers for rereading later: Formatting Strings
formatting strings: Formatting Strings
formatting time values: Time Parsing
formfeed: Basic Char Syntax
forms for cleanup: Cleanups
forms for control structures: Control Structures
forms for handling errors: Handling Errors
forms for nonlocal exits: Catch and Throw
forms for sequential execution: Sequencing
forms, backquote: Backquote
forms, conditional: Conditionals
forms, function call: Function Forms
forms, iteration: Iteration
forms, list: Classifying Lists
forms, macro call: Macro Forms
forms, quote: Quoting
forms, special: Special Forms
forms, symbol: Symbol Forms
forward-button: Button Buffer Commands
forward-char: Character Motion
forward-comment: Motion via Parsing
forward-line: Text Lines
forward-list: List Motion
forward-sexp: List Motion
forward-to-indentation: Motion by Indent
forward-word: Word Motion
forward-word-strictly: Word Motion
frame: Frames
frame configuration: Frame Configurations
frame creation: Creating Frames
frame geometry: Frame Geometry
frame height ratio: Size Parameters
frame interaction parameters: Frame Interaction Parameters
frame layout: Frame Layout
frame layout parameters: Layout Parameters
frame parameters: Frame Parameters
frame parameters for windowed displays: Window Frame Parameters
frame position: Frame Geometry
frame position: Frame Position
frame position: Position Parameters
frame position changes, a hook: Frame Position
frame size: Frame Geometry
frame size: Frame Size
frame stacking order: Raising and Lowering
frame title: Frame Titles
frame visibility: Visibility of Frames
frame width ratio: Size Parameters
frame without a minibuffer: Minibuffers and Frames
frame Z-order: Raising and Lowering
frame, which buffers to display: Buffer Parameters
frame-alpha-lower-limit: Font and Color Parameters
frame-ancestor-p: Child Frames
frame-auto-hide-function: Quitting Windows
frame-char-height: Frame Font
frame-char-width: Frame Font
frame-current-scroll-bars: Scroll Bars
frame-edges: Frame Layout
frame-first-window: Windows and Frames
frame-focus-state: Input Focus
frame-geometry: Frame Layout
frame-height: Frame Size
frame-inherited-parameters: Creating Frames
frame-inhibit-implied-resize: Implied Frame Resizing
frame-inner-height: Frame Size
frame-inner-width: Frame Size
frame-list: Finding All Frames
frame-list-z-order: Finding All Frames
frame-live-p: Deleting Frames
frame-monitor-attributes: Multiple Terminals
frame-native-height: Frame Size
frame-native-width: Frame Size
frame-old-selected-window: Window Hooks
frame-outer-height: Frame Size
frame-outer-width: Frame Size
frame-parameter: Parameter Access
frame-parameters: Parameter Access
frame-parent: Child Frames
frame-pointer-visible-p: Mouse Position
frame-position: Frame Position
frame-predicate, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
frame-relative coordinate: Coordinates and Windows
frame-resize-pixelwise: Frame Size
frame-restack: Raising and Lowering
frame-root-window: Windows and Frames
frame-scroll-bar-height: Scroll Bars
frame-scroll-bar-width: Scroll Bars
frame-selected-window: Selecting Windows
frame-size-changed-p: Frame Size
frame-terminal: Frames
frame-text-height: Frame Size
frame-text-width: Frame Size
frame-title-format: Frame Titles
frame-visible-p: Visibility of Frames
frame-width: Frame Size
frame-window-state-change: Window Hooks
framep: Frames
frames, scanning all: Finding All Frames
frameset: Registers
free list: Garbage Collection
free variable: Converting to Lexical Binding
free variable, byte-compiler warning: Compiler Errors
free_global_ref: Module Values
frequency counts: Coverage Testing
frexp: Float Basics
fringe bitmaps: Fringe Bitmaps
fringe bitmaps, customizing: Customizing Bitmaps
fringe cursors: Fringe Cursors
fringe indicators: Fringe Indicators
fringe-bitmaps-at-pos: Fringe Bitmaps
fringe-cursor-alist: Fringe Cursors
fringe-indicator-alist: Fringe Indicators
fringes: Fringes
fringes, and empty line indication: Fringe Indicators
fringes-outside-margins: Fringe Size/Pos
front-sticky text property: Sticky Properties
fround: Rounding Operations
fset: Function Cells
ftp-login: Cleanups
ftruncate: Rounding Operations
full keymap: Format of Keymaps
full-height window: Window Sizes
full-width window: Window Sizes
fullboth frames: Size Parameters
fullheight frames: Size Parameters
fullscreen, a frame parameter: Size Parameters
fullscreen-restore, a frame parameter: Size Parameters
fullwidth frames: Size Parameters
func-arity: What Is a Function
funcall: Calling Functions
funcall: Module Misc
funcall, and debugging: Internals of Debugger
funcall-interactively: Interactive Call
function: Anonymous Functions
function aliases: Defining Functions
function call: Function Forms
function call debugging: Function Debugging
function cell: Symbol Components
function cell in autoload: Autoload
function declaration: Declaring Functions
function definition: Function Names
function descriptions: A Sample Function Description
function form evaluation: Function Forms
function groups: Documentation Groups
function input stream: Input Streams
function invocation: Calling Functions
function keys: Function Keys
function name: Function Names
function not known to be defined, compilation warning: Compiler Errors
function output stream: Output Streams
function quoting: Anonymous Functions
function safety: Function Safety
function’s documentation string: Function Documentation
function-alias-p: Defining Functions
function-documentation: Accessing Documentation
function-documentation property: Documentation Basics
function-get: Symbol Plists
function-history (function symbol property): Where Defined
function-key-map: Translation Keymaps
function-put: Symbol Plists
functionals: Calling Functions
functionp: What Is a Function
functions in modes: Major Mode Conventions
functions, making them interactive: Defining Commands
fundamental-mode: Major Modes
fundamental-mode-abbrev-table: Standard Abbrev Tables
future history in minibuffer input: Text from Minibuffer

gamma correction: Font and Color Parameters
gap-position: Buffer Gap
gap-size: Buffer Gap
garbage collection: Garbage Collection
garbage collection protection: Writing Emacs Primitives
garbage-collect: Garbage Collection
garbage-collection-messages: Garbage Collection
gc-cons-percentage: Garbage Collection
gc-cons-percentage, in batch mode: Batch Mode
gc-cons-threshold: Garbage Collection
gc-elapsed: Garbage Collection
gcs-done: Garbage Collection
generalized variable: Generalized Variables
generate-new-buffer: Creating Buffers
generate-new-buffer-name: Buffer Names
generated-autoload-file: Autoload
generators: Generators
generic commands: Generic Commands
generic functions: Generic Functions
generic mode: Generic Modes
gensym: Creating Symbols
geometry specification: Geometry
get: Symbol Plists
get node, tree-sitter: Retrieving Nodes
get, defcustom keyword: Variable Definitions
get-buffer: Buffer Names
get-buffer-create: Creating Buffers
get-buffer-process: Process Buffers
get-buffer-window: Buffers and Windows
get-buffer-window-list: Buffers and Windows
get-buffer-xwidgets: Xwidgets
get-byte: Character Codes
get-char-code-property: Character Properties
get-char-property: Examining Properties
get-char-property-and-overlay: Examining Properties
get-charset-property: Character Sets
get-device-terminal: Multiple Terminals
get-display-property: Display Property
get-file-buffer: Buffer File Name
get-internal-run-time: Processor Run Time
get-largest-window: Cyclic Window Ordering
get-load-suffixes: Load Suffixes
get-lru-window: Cyclic Window Ordering
get-mru-window: Cyclic Window Ordering
get-pos-property: Examining Properties
get-process: Process Information
get-register: Registers
get-text-property: Examining Properties
get-unused-category: Categories
get-variable-watchers: Watching Variables
get-window-with-predicate: Cyclic Window Ordering
getenv: System Environment
gethash: Hash Access
get_function_finalizer: Module Functions
get_user_finalizer: Module Values
get_user_ptr: Module Values
GID: User Identification
global binding: Local Variables
global break condition: Global Break Condition
global keymap: Active Keymaps
global variable: Global Variables
global-abbrev-table: Standard Abbrev Tables
global-buffers-menu-map: Standard Keymaps
global-disable-point-adjustment: Adjusting Point
global-key-binding: Low-Level Key Binding
global-map: Controlling Active Maps
global-minor-modes: Minor Modes
global-mode-string: Mode Line Variables
global-set-key: Low-Level Key Binding
global-unset-key: Low-Level Key Binding
glyph: Glyphs
glyph code: Glyphs
glyph-char: Glyphs
glyph-face: Glyphs
glyph-table: Glyphs
glyphless characters: Glyphless Chars
glyphless-char face: Glyphless Chars
glyphless-char-display: Glyphless Chars
glyphless-char-display-control: Glyphless Chars
glyphless-display-mode: Glyphless Chars
GNU ELPA: Package Archives
gnutls cryptographic functions: GnuTLS Cryptographic Functions
gnutls cryptography inputs format: Format of GnuTLS Cryptography Inputs
gnutls-ciphers: GnuTLS Cryptographic Functions
gnutls-digests: GnuTLS Cryptographic Functions
gnutls-hash-digest: GnuTLS Cryptographic Functions
gnutls-hash-mac: GnuTLS Cryptographic Functions
gnutls-macs: GnuTLS Cryptographic Functions
gnutls-symmetric-decrypt: GnuTLS Cryptographic Functions
gnutls-symmetric-encrypt: GnuTLS Cryptographic Functions
goto-char: Character Motion
goto-history-element: Minibuffer Commands
goto-line-history: Minibuffer History
goto-map: Prefix Keys
grammar, SMIE: SMIE Grammar
grand-parent: Parser-based Indentation
grapheme cluster: Size of Displayed Text
graphical display: Frames
graphical terminal: Frames
grave accent, quoting in documentation strings: Documentation Tips
great-grand-parent: Parser-based Indentation
group in rx: Rx Constructs
group, customization keyword: Common Keywords
group-function, in completion: Programmed Completion
group-gid: User Identification
group-n in rx: Rx Constructs
group-name: User Identification
group-real-gid: User Identification
groups of functions: Documentation Groups
gui-get-selection: Window System Selections
gui-set-selection: Window System Selections
guidelines for buffer display: The Zen of Buffer Display
gv-define-expander: Adding Generalized Variables
gv-define-setter: Adding Generalized Variables
gv-define-simple-setter: Adding Generalized Variables
gv-letplace: Adding Generalized Variables

hack-connection-local-variables: Applying Connection Local Variables
hack-connection-local-variables-apply: Applying Connection Local Variables
hack-dir-local-variables: Directory Local Variables
hack-dir-local-variables-non-file-buffer: Directory Local Variables
hack-local-variables: File Local Variables
hack-local-variables-hook: File Local Variables
Hamming weight: Bitwise Operations
handle Lisp errors: Handling Errors
handle-focus-in: Input Focus
handle-shift-selection: The Mark
handle-switch-frame: Input Focus
handling errors: Handling Errors
hardening: Security Considerations
has error, tree-sitter node: Accessing Node Information
hash code: Defining Hash
hash notation: Printed Representation
hash table access: Hash Access
hash tables: Hash Tables
hash, cryptographic: Checksum/Hash
hash, cryptographic: GnuTLS Cryptography
hash-table-count: Other Hash
hash-table-p: Other Hash
hash-table-rehash-size: Other Hash
hash-table-rehash-threshold: Other Hash
hash-table-size: Other Hash
hash-table-test: Other Hash
hash-table-weakness: Other Hash
hashing: Creating Symbols
header comments: Library Headers
header line (of a window): Header Lines
header line alignment when line numbers are displayed: Pixel Specification
header-line, prefix key: Key Sequence Input
header-line-format: Header Lines
header-line-format, a window parameter: Window Parameters
header-line-format, and :align-to: Pixel Specification
header-line-indent: Header Lines
header-line-indent-mode: Header Lines
header-line-indent-width: Header Lines
height of a line: Line Height
height of a window: Window Sizes
height spec: Line Height
height, a frame parameter: Size Parameters
help for major mode: Mode Help
help functions: Help Functions
help-buffer: Help Functions
help-char: Help Functions
help-command: Help Functions
help-echo (button property): Button Properties
help-echo (overlay property): Overlay Properties
help-echo (text property): Special Properties
help-echo event: Misc Events
help-echo text, avoid command-key substitution: Special Properties
help-echo, customization keyword: Type Keywords
help-echo-inhibit-substitution (text property): Special Properties
help-event-list: Help Functions
help-form: Help Functions
help-key-binding (face): Keys in Documentation
help-map: Help Functions
help-setup-xref: Help Functions
help-window-select: Help Functions
Helper-describe-bindings: Help Functions
Helper-help: Help Functions
Helper-help-map: Help Functions
hex numbers: Integer Basics
hidden buffers: Buffer Names
history list: Minibuffer History
history of commands: Command History
history-add-new-input: Minibuffer History
history-delete-duplicates: Minibuffer History
history-length: Minibuffer History
HOME environment variable: Subprocess Creation
hook variables, list of: Standard Hooks
hooks: Hooks
hooks for changing a character: Special Properties
hooks for loading: Hooks for Loading
hooks for motion of point: Special Properties
hooks for text changes: Change Hooks
hooks for window operations: Window Hooks
horizontal combination: Windows and Frames
horizontal position: Columns
horizontal scrolling: Horizontal Scrolling
horizontal-lineto: SVG Images
horizontal-scroll-bar: Scroll Bars
horizontal-scroll-bar, prefix key: Key Sequence Input
horizontal-scroll-bar-mode: Scroll Bars
horizontal-scroll-bars, a frame parameter: Layout Parameters
horizontal-scroll-bars-available-p: Scroll Bars
host language, tree-sitter: Multiple Languages
how to visit files: Visiting Functions
HTML DOM: Document Object Model
hyper characters: Other Char Bits
hyperlinks in documentation strings: Documentation Tips

icon keywords: Icons
icon types: Icons
icon-elements: Icons
icon-left, a frame parameter: Position Parameters
icon-name, a frame parameter: Management Parameters
icon-string: Icons
icon-title-format: Frame Titles
icon-top, a frame parameter: Position Parameters
icon-type, a frame parameter: Management Parameters
iconified frame: Visibility of Frames
iconify-child-frame: Child Frames
iconify-frame: Visibility of Frames
iconify-frame event: Misc Events
identical-contents objects, and byte-compiler: Equality Predicates
identity: Calling Functions
idle timers: Idle Timers
idleness: Idle Timers
IEEE floating point: Float Basics
if: Conditionals
if-let: Conditionals
ignore: Calling Functions
ignore-error: Handling Errors
ignore-errors: Handling Errors
ignore-window-parameters: Window Parameters
ignored-local-variable-values: File Local Variables
ignored-local-variables: File Local Variables
image animation: Multi-Frame Images
image cache: Image Cache
image descriptor: Image Descriptors
image formats: Image Formats
image frames: Multi-Frame Images
image maps: Image Descriptors
image slice: Showing Images
image types: Image Formats
image-animate: Multi-Frame Images
image-animate-timer: Multi-Frame Images
image-at-point-p: Showing Images
image-cache-eviction-delay: Image Cache
image-cache-size: Image Cache
image-crop: Showing Images
image-current-frame: Multi-Frame Images
image-cut: Showing Images
image-decrease-size: Showing Images
image-default-frame-delay: Multi-Frame Images
image-flip-horizontally: Showing Images
image-flip-vertically: Showing Images
image-flush: Image Cache
image-format-suffixes: ImageMagick Images
image-increase-size: Showing Images
image-load-path: Defining Images
image-load-path-for-library: Defining Images
image-mask-p: Image Descriptors
image-minimum-frame-delay: Multi-Frame Images
image-multi-frame-p: Multi-Frame Images
image-property: Defining Images
image-rotate: Showing Images
image-save: Showing Images
image-scaling-factor: Defining Images
image-show-frame: Multi-Frame Images
image-size: Showing Images
image-transforms-p: Image Descriptors
image-type-available-p: Image Formats
image-types: Image Formats
ImageMagick images: ImageMagick Images
imagemagick-enabled-types: ImageMagick Images
imagemagick-types: ImageMagick Images
imagemagick-types-inhibit: ImageMagick Images
images in buffers: Images
images, support for more formats: ImageMagick Images
Imenu: Imenu
imenu-add-to-menubar: Imenu
imenu-case-fold-search: Imenu
imenu-create-index-function: Imenu
imenu-extract-index-name-function: Imenu
imenu-generic-expression: Imenu
imenu-prev-index-position-function: Imenu
imenu-syntax-alist: Imenu
implicit progn: Sequencing
implied frame resizing: Implied Frame Resizing
implied resizing of frame: Implied Frame Resizing
in in rx: Rx Constructs
inactive minibuffer: Intro to Minibuffers
inc: Simple Macro
indefinite extent: Variable Scoping
indent-according-to-mode: Mode-Specific Indent
indent-code-rigidly: Region Indent
indent-for-tab-command: Mode-Specific Indent
indent-line-function: Mode-Specific Indent
indent-region: Region Indent
indent-region-function: Region Indent
indent-relative: Relative Indent
indent-relative-first-indent-point: Relative Indent
indent-rigidly: Region Indent
indent-tabs-mode: Primitive Indent
indent-to: Primitive Indent
indent-to-left-margin: Margins
indentation: Indentation
indentation rules, for parser-based indentation: Parser-based Indentation
indentation rules, SMIE: SMIE Indentation
indicate-buffer-boundaries: Fringe Indicators
indicate-empty-lines: Fringe Indicators
indicators, fringe: Fringe Indicators
indirect buffers: Indirect Buffers
indirect specifications: Specification List
indirect-function: Function Indirection
indirect-variable: Variable Aliases
indirection for functions: Function Indirection
infinite loops: Infinite Loops
infinity: Float Basics
information of node, syntax trees: Accessing Node Information
inheritance, for faces: Face Attributes
inheritance, keymap: Inheritance and Keymaps
inheritance, syntax table: Syntax Basics
inheritance, text property: Sticky Properties
inhibit asynchronous native compilation: Native-Compilation Variables
inhibit-default-init: Init File
inhibit-double-buffering, a frame parameter: Management Parameters
inhibit-eol-conversion: Specifying Coding Systems
inhibit-field-text-motion: Word Motion
inhibit-file-name-handlers: Magic File Names
inhibit-file-name-operation: Magic File Names
inhibit-interaction: Inhibiting Interaction
inhibit-isearch (text property): Special Properties
inhibit-iso-escape-detection: Lisp and Coding Systems
inhibit-local-variables-regexps: File Local Variables
inhibit-local-variables-regexps: Auto Major Mode
inhibit-message: Displaying Messages
inhibit-message: Displaying Messages
inhibit-message-regexps: Displaying Messages
inhibit-modification-hooks: Change Hooks
inhibit-null-byte-detection: Lisp and Coding Systems
inhibit-point-motion-hooks: Special Properties
inhibit-quit: Quitting
inhibit-read-only: Read Only Buffers
inhibit-read-only (text property): Special Properties
inhibit-same-window, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
inhibit-splash-screen: Startup Summary
inhibit-startup-echo-area-message: Startup Summary
inhibit-startup-message: Startup Summary
inhibit-startup-screen: Startup Summary
inhibit-switch-frame, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
inhibit-x-resources: Resources
init file: Init File
init-file-user: User Identification
init.el: Init File
initial-buffer-choice: Startup Summary
initial-environment: System Environment
initial-frame-alist: Initial Parameters
initial-major-mode: Auto Major Mode
initial-scratch-message: Startup Summary
initial-window-system: Window Systems
initial-window-system, and startup: Startup Summary
initialization of Emacs: Startup Summary
initialize, defcustom keyword: Variable Definitions
initiating drag-and-drop: Drag and Drop
initiating drag-and-drop, low-level: Drag and Drop
inline completion: Completion in Buffers
inline functions: Inline Functions
inline-const-p: Inline Functions
inline-const-val: Inline Functions
inline-error: Inline Functions
inline-letevals: Inline Functions
inline-quote: Inline Functions
inner edges: Frame Layout
inner frame: Frame Layout
inner height: Frame Layout
inner size: Frame Layout
inner width: Frame Layout
innermost containing parentheses: Parser State
input devices: Command Loop Info
input events: Input Events
input events, prevent recording: Event Input Misc
input focus: Input Focus
input methods: Input Methods
input modes: Input Modes
input stream: Input Streams
input-decode-map: Translation Keymaps
input-method-alist: Input Methods
input-method-function: Invoking the Input Method
input-pending-p: Event Input Misc
insecure text: Suspicious Text
insert: Insertion
insert-abbrev-table-description: Abbrev Tables
insert-and-inherit: Sticky Properties
insert-before-markers: Insertion
insert-before-markers-and-inherit: Sticky Properties
insert-behind-hooks (overlay property): Overlay Properties
insert-behind-hooks (text property): Special Properties
insert-buffer: Commands for Insertion
insert-buffer-substring: Insertion
insert-buffer-substring-as-yank: Yanking
insert-buffer-substring-no-properties: Insertion
insert-button: Making Buttons
insert-char: Insertion
insert-default-directory: Reading File Names
insert-directory: Contents of Directories
insert-directory-program: Contents of Directories
insert-file-contents: Reading from Files
insert-file-contents-literally: Reading from Files
insert-for-yank: Yanking
insert-image: Showing Images
insert-in-front-hooks (overlay property): Overlay Properties
insert-in-front-hooks (text property): Special Properties
insert-into-buffer: Insertion
insert-register: Registers
insert-sliced-image: Showing Images
insert-text-button: Making Buttons
inserting killed text: Yank Commands
insertion before point: Insertion
insertion of text: Insertion
insertion type of a marker: Marker Insertion Types
inside comment: Parser State
inside string: Parser State
inspection of tree-sitter parse tree nodes: Language Grammar
installation-directory: System Environment
instrumenting for Edebug: Instrumenting
int-to-string: String Conversion
intangible (overlay property): Overlay Properties
intangible (text property): Special Properties
integer range: Integer Basics
integer to decimal: String Conversion
integer to hexadecimal: Formatting Strings
integer to octal: Formatting Strings
integer to string: String Conversion
integer types (C programming language): C Integer Types
integer-or-marker-p: Predicates on Markers
integer-width: Integer Basics
integerp: Predicates on Numbers
integers: Numbers
integers in specific radix: Integer Basics
interaction parameters between frames: Frame Interaction Parameters
interactive: Using Interactive
interactive call: Interactive Call
interactive code description: Interactive Codes
interactive completion: Interactive Codes
interactive function: Defining Commands
interactive spec, using: Using Interactive
interactive specification in primitives: Writing Emacs Primitives
interactive, examples of using: Interactive Examples
interactive-form: Using Interactive
interactive-form property: Defining Commands
interactive-form, symbol property: Using Interactive
interactive-only property: Defining Commands
intern: Creating Symbols
intern: Module Misc
intern-soft: Creating Symbols
internal menu bar: Frame Layout
internal representation of characters: Text Representations
internal tool bar: Frame Layout
internal windows: Basic Windows
internal-border-width, a frame parameter: Layout Parameters
internals, of buffer: Buffer Internals
internals, of process: Process Internals
internals, of window: Window Internals
interning: Creating Symbols
interpreter: Evaluation
interpreter: Evaluation
interpreter-mode-alist: Auto Major Mode
interprogram-cut-function: Low-Level Kill Ring
interprogram-paste-function: Low-Level Kill Ring
interrupt Lisp functions: Quitting
interrupt-process: Signals to Processes
interrupt-process-functions: Signals to Processes
intersection in rx: Rx Constructs
intersection of sequences: Sequence Functions
intervals: Not Intervals
intervals-consed: Memory Usage
invalid prefix key error: Changing Key Bindings
invalid-function: Function Indirection
invalid-read-syntax: Printed Representation
invalid-regexp: Regexp Backslash
invert-face: Attribute Functions
invisible (overlay property): Overlay Properties
invisible (text property): Special Properties
invisible frame: Visibility of Frames
invisible text: Invisible Text
invisible-p: Invisible Text
invisible/intangible text, and point: Adjusting Point
invocation-directory: System Environment
invocation-name: System Environment
invoking input method: Invoking the Input Method
invoking lisp debugger: Invoking the Debugger
is this call interactive: Distinguish Interactive
isnan: Float Basics
ISO 8601 date/time strings: Time Parsing
ISO week, in time formatting: Time Parsing
iso8601-parse: Time Parsing
is_not_nil: Module Misc
italic text: Face Attributes
iter-close: Generators
iter-defun: Generators
iter-do: Generators
iter-lambda: Generators
iter-next: Generators
iter-yield: Generators
iter-yield-from: Generators
iteration: Iteration
iteration over vector or string: Sequence Functions

JavaScript Object Notation: Parsing JSON
javascript-callback xwidget events: Xwidget Events
jit-lock functions, debugging: Other Font Lock Variables
jit-lock-debug-mode: Other Font Lock Variables
jit-lock-register: Other Font Lock Variables
jit-lock-unregister: Other Font Lock Variables
joining lists: Rearrangement
JSON: Parsing JSON
JSON remote procedure call protocol: JSONRPC
json-available-p: Parsing JSON
json-insert: Parsing JSON
json-parse-buffer: Parsing JSON
json-parse-string: Parsing JSON
json-serialize: Parsing JSON
JSONRPC application interfaces: JSONRPC Overview
JSONRPC connection initargs: Process-based JSONRPC connections
JSONRPC deferred requests: JSONRPC deferred requests
JSONRPC object format: JSONRPC JSON object format
JSONRPC process-based connections: Process-based JSONRPC connections
jsonrpc-async-request: JSONRPC Overview
jsonrpc-connection: JSONRPC Overview
jsonrpc-connection-ready-p: JSONRPC deferred requests
jsonrpc-connection-receive: JSONRPC Overview
jsonrpc-connection-send: JSONRPC Overview
jsonrpc-error: JSONRPC Overview
jsonrpc-lambda: JSONRPC JSON object format
jsonrpc-notify: JSONRPC Overview
jsonrpc-process-connection: Process-based JSONRPC connections
jsonrpc-request: JSONRPC Overview
jsonrpc-running-p: JSONRPC Overview
jsonrpc-shutdown: JSONRPC Overview
jumbled display of bidirectional text: Bidirectional Display
just-one-space: User-Level Deletion
justify-current-line: Filling

kbd: Key Sequences
kbd-macro-termination-hook: Keyboard Macros
keep-ratio, a frame parameter: Frame Interaction Parameters
kept-new-versions: Numbered Backups
kept-old-versions: Numbered Backups
key: Key Sequences
key binding: Keymap Basics
key binding, conventions for: Key Binding Conventions
key lookup: Key Lookup
key sequence: Key Sequences
key sequence error: Changing Key Bindings
key sequence input: Key Sequence Input
key substitution sequence: Keys in Documentation
key translation function: Translation Keymaps
key-binding: Low-Level Key Binding
key-description: Describing Characters
key-translate: Event Mod
key-translation-map: Translation Keymaps
key-valid-p: Key Sequences
keyboard events: Keyboard Events
keyboard events in strings: Strings of Events
keyboard events, data in: Accessing Mouse
keyboard input: Reading Input
keyboard input decoding on X: Locales
keyboard macro execution: Interactive Call
keyboard macro termination: Beeping
keyboard macro, terminating: Event Input Misc
keyboard macros: Keyboard Macros
keyboard macros (Edebug): Edebug Execution Modes
keyboard-coding-system: Terminal I/O Encoding
keyboard-quit: Quitting
keyboard-translate: Low-Level Key Binding
keyboard-translate-table: Event Mod
keymap: Keymaps
keymap (button property): Button Properties
keymap (overlay property): Overlay Properties
keymap (text property): Special Properties
keymap entry: Key Lookup
keymap format: Format of Keymaps
keymap in keymap: Key Lookup
keymap inheritance: Inheritance and Keymaps
keymap inheritance from multiple maps: Inheritance and Keymaps
keymap of character: Special Properties
keymap of character (and overlays): Overlay Properties
keymap prompt string: Format of Keymaps
keymap-global-lookup: Functions for Key Lookup
keymap-global-set: Key Binding Commands
keymap-global-unset: Key Binding Commands
keymap-local-lookup: Functions for Key Lookup
keymap-local-set: Key Binding Commands
keymap-local-unset: Key Binding Commands
keymap-lookup: Functions for Key Lookup
keymap-parent: Inheritance and Keymaps
keymap-prompt: Defining Menus
keymap-set: Changing Key Bindings
keymap-set: Changing Key Bindings
keymap-set-after: Modifying Menus
keymap-unset: Changing Key Bindings
keymap-unset: Changing Key Bindings
keymapp: Format of Keymaps
keymaps for translating events: Translation Keymaps
keymaps in modes: Major Mode Conventions
keymaps, scanning: Scanning Keymaps
keymaps, standard: Standard Keymaps
keys in documentation strings: Keys in Documentation
keys, reserved: Key Binding Conventions
keystroke: Key Sequences
keyword symbol: Constant Variables
keywordp: Constant Variables
kill command repetition: Command Loop Info
kill ring: The Kill Ring
kill-all-local-variables: Creating Buffer-Local
kill-append: Low-Level Kill Ring
kill-buffer: Killing Buffers
kill-buffer-hook: Killing Buffers
kill-buffer-hook in temporary buffers: Current Buffer
kill-buffer-query-functions: Killing Buffers
kill-buffer-query-functions in temporary buffers: Current Buffer
kill-emacs: Killing Emacs
kill-emacs-hook: Killing Emacs
kill-emacs-query-functions: Killing Emacs
kill-local-variable: Creating Buffer-Local
kill-new: Low-Level Kill Ring
kill-process: Signals to Processes
kill-read-only-ok: Kill Functions
kill-region: Kill Functions
kill-ring: Internals of Kill Ring
kill-ring-max: Internals of Kill Ring
kill-ring-yank-pointer: Internals of Kill Ring
kill-xwidget: Xwidgets
killing buffers: Killing Buffers
killing Emacs: Killing Emacs
kinship, syntax tree nodes: Retrieving Nodes
kmacro-keymap: Standard Keymaps

labeled narrowing: Narrowing
labeled restriction: Narrowing
lambda: Anonymous Functions
lambda expression: Lambda Expressions
lambda in debug: Invoking the Debugger
lambda in keymap: Key Lookup
lambda list: Lambda Components
lambda-list (Edebug): Specification List
language argument, for tree-sitter: Language Grammar
language grammar version, compatibility: Language Grammar
language grammar, for tree-sitter: Language Grammar
language-change event: Misc Events
largest fixnum: Integer Basics
largest window: Cyclic Window Ordering
last: List Elements
last visible position in a window: Window Start and End
last-abbrev: Abbrev Expansion
last-abbrev-location: Abbrev Expansion
last-abbrev-text: Abbrev Expansion
last-buffer: Buffer List
last-coding-system-used: Encoding and I/O
last-command: Command Loop Info
last-command-event: Command Loop Info
last-event-device: Command Loop Info
last-event-frame: Command Loop Info
last-input-event: Event Input Misc
last-kbd-macro: Keyboard Macros
last-nonmenu-event: Command Loop Info
last-prefix-arg: Prefix Command Arguments
last-repeatable-command: Command Loop Info
lax-plist-get: Plist Access
lax-plist-put: Plist Access
layout of frame: Frame Layout
layout on display, and bidirectional text: Bidirectional Display
layout parameters of frames: Layout Parameters
lazy evaluation: Deferred Eval
lazy loading: Dynamic Loading
lazy-completion-table: Basic Completion
ldexp: Float Basics
leaf node, of tree-sitter parse tree: Retrieving Nodes
leap seconds: Time of Day
least recently used window: Cyclic Window Ordering
left and right window decorations: Basic Windows
left position ratio: Position Parameters
left, a frame parameter: Position Parameters
left-fringe, a frame parameter: Layout Parameters
left-fringe, prefix key: Key Sequence Input
left-fringe-width: Fringe Size/Pos
left-margin: Margins
left-margin, prefix key: Key Sequence Input
left-margin-width: Display Margins
length: Sequence Functions
length<: Sequence Functions
length=: Sequence Functions
length>: Sequence Functions
let: Local Variables
let*: Local Variables
let-alist: Association Lists
letrec: Local Variables
Levenshtein distance: Text Comparison
lexical binding: Variable Scoping
lexical binding (Edebug): Edebug Eval
lexical comparison of strings: Text Comparison
lexical environment: Lexical Binding
lexical scope: Variable Scoping
lexical-binding: Using Lexical Binding
library: Loading
library compilation: Compilation Functions
library header comments: Library Headers
library search: Library Search
libxml-available-p: Parsing HTML/XML
libxml-parse-html-region: Parsing HTML/XML
libxml-parse-xml-region: Parsing HTML/XML
line end conversion: Coding System Basics
line height: Frame Font
line height: Line Height
line number: Text Lines
line truncation: Truncation
line wrapping: Truncation
line-beginning-position: Text Lines
line-end in rx: Rx Constructs
line-end-position: Text Lines
line-height (text property): Special Properties
line-height (text property): Line Height
line-move-ignore-invisible: Invisible Text
line-number-at-pos: Text Lines
line-number-display-width: Size of Displayed Text
line-pixel-height: Size of Displayed Text
line-prefix: Truncation
line-spacing: Line Height
line-spacing (text property): Special Properties
line-spacing (text property): Line Height
line-spacing, a frame parameter: Layout Parameters
line-start in rx: Rx Constructs
lines: Text Lines
lines in region: Text Lines
lineto: SVG Images
link, customization keyword: Common Keywords
linked list: Cons Cell Type
linking files: Changing Files
Lisp debugger: Debugger
Lisp expression motion: List Motion
Lisp history: Lisp History
Lisp library: Loading
Lisp nesting error: Eval
Lisp object: Lisp Data Types
Lisp objects, stack-allocated: Stack-allocated Objects
Lisp package: Packaging
Lisp printer: Output Functions
Lisp reader: Streams Intro
Lisp timestamp: Time of Day
lisp variables defined in C, restrictions: Variables with Restricted Values
lisp-directory: Library Search
lisp-indent-function property: Indenting Macros
lisp-mode-abbrev-table: Standard Abbrev Tables
lisp-mode-autoload-regexp: Autoload
lisp-mode.el: Example Major Modes
list: Building Lists
list all coding systems: Lisp and Coding Systems
list elements: List Elements
list form evaluation: Classifying Lists
list in keymap: Key Lookup
list length: Sequence Functions
list modification: List Variables
list motion: List Motion
list of threads: The Thread List
list predicates: List-related Predicates
list reverse: Sequence Functions
list structure: Cons Cell Type
list structure: Cons Cells
list to vector: Sequence Functions
list, replace element: Setcar
list-buffers-directory: Buffer File Name
list-charset-chars: Character Sets
list-fonts: Low-Level Font
list-load-path-shadows: Library Search
list-multisession-values: Multisession Variables
list-processes: Process Information
list-system-processes: System Processes
list-threads: The Thread List
list-timers: Timers
listify-key-sequence: Event Input Misc
listing all buffers: Buffer List
listp: List-related Predicates
lists: Lists
lists and cons cells: Cons Cells
lists as sets: Sets And Lists
literal evaluation: Self-Evaluating Forms
literal in rx: Rx Constructs
literate programming: Mode-Specific Indent
little endian, in bindat specification: Bindat Types
live buffer: Killing Buffers
live node, tree-sitter: Accessing Node Information
live windows: Basic Windows
ln: Changing Files
load: How Programs Do Loading
load error with require: Named Features
load errors: How Programs Do Loading
load, customization keyword: Common Keywords
load-average: System Environment
load-changed xwidget event: Xwidget Events
load-committed’ in xwidgets: Xwidget Events
load-file: How Programs Do Loading
load-file-name: How Programs Do Loading
load-file-rep-suffixes: Load Suffixes
load-finished’ in xwidgets: Xwidget Events
load-history: Where Defined
load-in-progress: How Programs Do Loading
load-library: How Programs Do Loading
load-path: Library Search
load-prefer-newer: Load Suffixes
load-read-function: How Programs Do Loading
load-redirected’ in xwidgets: Xwidget Events
load-started’ in xwidgets: Xwidget Events
load-suffixes: Load Suffixes
load-theme: Custom Themes
loaddefs-generate: Autoload
loading: Loading
loading and configuring features: Named Features
loading hooks: Hooks for Loading
loading language grammar for tree-sitter: Language Grammar
loading, and non-ASCII characters: Loading Non-ASCII
loadup.el: Building Emacs
local binding: Local Variables
local keymap: Active Keymaps
local part of remote file name: Magic File Names
local variables: Local Variables
local variables, killed by major mode: Creating Buffer-Local
local, defcustom keyword: Variable Definitions
local-abbrev-table: Standard Abbrev Tables
local-function-key-map: Translation Keymaps
local-key-binding: Low-Level Key Binding
local-map (overlay property): Overlay Properties
local-map (text property): Special Properties
local-minor-modes: Minor Modes
local-set-key: Low-Level Key Binding
local-unset-key: Low-Level Key Binding
local-variable-if-set-p: Creating Buffer-Local
local-variable-p: Creating Buffer-Local
locale: Locales
locale-coding-system: Locales
locale-dependent string comparison: Text Comparison
locale-dependent string equivalence: Text Comparison
locale-info: Locales
locate file in path: Locating Files
locate-dominating-file: Contents of Directories
locate-file: Locating Files
locate-library: Library Search
locate-user-emacs-file: Standard File Names
lock file: File Locks
lock-buffer: File Locks
lock-file-mode: File Locks
lock-file-name-transforms: File Locks
log: Math Functions
logand: Bitwise Operations
logb: Float Basics
logcount: Bitwise Operations
logging echo-area messages: Logging Messages
logical arithmetic: Bitwise Operations
logical lines, moving by: Text Lines
logical order: Bidirectional Display
logical shift: Bitwise Operations
logior: Bitwise Operations
lognot: Bitwise Operations
logxor: Bitwise Operations
looking up abbrevs: Abbrev Expansion
looking up fonts: Font Lookup
looking-at: Regexp Search
looking-at-p: Regexp Search
looking-back: Regexp Search
lookup tables: Hash Tables
lookup-key: Low-Level Key Binding
loops, infinite: Infinite Loops
low-level key bindings: Low-Level Key Binding
lower case: Case Conversion
lower-frame: Raising and Lowering
lowering a frame: Raising and Lowering
LRO: Bidirectional Display
lru-frames, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
lru-time, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
lsh: Bitwise Operations
lwarn: Warning Basics

M-g: Prefix Keys
M-s: Prefix Keys
M-S-x: Interactive Call
M-X: Interactive Call
M-x: Interactive Call
Maclisp: Lisp History
macro: What Is a Function
macro argument evaluation: Argument Evaluation
macro call: Expansion
macro call evaluation: Macro Forms
macro caveats: Problems with Macros
macro compilation: Compilation Functions
macro descriptions: A Sample Function Description
macro expansion: Expansion
macro, how to define: Defining Macros
macroexpand: Expansion
macroexpand-1: Expansion
macroexpand-all: Expansion
macrop: Simple Macro
macros: Macros
macros, at compile time: Eval During Compile
magic autoload comment: Autoload
magic file names: Magic File Names
magic-fallback-mode-alist: Auto Major Mode
magic-mode-alist: Auto Major Mode
mail-host-address: System Environment
main window: Side Windows
main window of a frame: Side Windows
main-thread: Basic Thread Functions
major mode: Major Modes
major mode command: Major Modes
major mode conventions: Major Mode Conventions
major mode hook: Major Mode Conventions
major mode keymap: Active Keymaps
major mode, automatic selection: Auto Major Mode
major mode, developing with tree-sitter: Tree-sitter Major Modes
major-mode: Major Modes
major-mode-restore: Major Modes
major-mode-suspend: Major Modes
make-abbrev-table: Abbrev Tables
make-auto-save-file-name: Auto-Saving
make-backup-file-name: Backup Names
make-backup-file-name-function: Making Backups
make-backup-files: Making Backups
make-bool-vector: Bool-Vectors
make-button: Making Buttons
make-byte-code: Byte-Code Objects
make-category-set: Categories
make-category-table: Categories
make-char-table: Char-Tables
make-composed-keymap: Inheritance and Keymaps
make-condition-variable: Condition Variables
make-directory: Create/Delete Dirs
make-display-table: Display Tables
make-empty-file: Create/Delete Dirs
make-finalizer: Finalizer Type
make-frame: Creating Frames
make-frame-invisible: Visibility of Frames
make-frame-on-display: Multiple Terminals
make-frame-on-monitor: Multiple Terminals
make-frame-visible: Visibility of Frames
make-frame-visible event: Misc Events
make-glyph-code: Glyphs
make-hash-table: Creating Hash
make-help-screen: Help Functions
make-indirect-buffer: Indirect Buffers
make-keymap: Creating Keymaps
make-list: Building Lists
make-local-variable: Creating Buffer-Local
make-marker: Creating Markers
make-multisession: Multisession Variables
make-mutex: Mutexes
make-nearby-temp-file: Unique File Names
make-network-process: Network Processes
make-obsolete: Obsolete Functions
make-obsolete-generalized-variable: Adding Generalized Variables
make-obsolete-variable: Variable Aliases
make-overlay: Managing Overlays
make-pipe-process: Asynchronous Processes
make-process: Asynchronous Processes
make-progress-reporter: Progress
make-record: Record Functions
make-ring: Rings
make-serial-process: Serial Ports
make-sparse-keymap: Creating Keymaps
make-string: Creating Strings
make-symbol: Creating Symbols
make-symbolic-link: Changing Files
make-syntax-table: Syntax Table Functions
make-temp-file: Unique File Names
make-temp-name: Unique File Names
make-text-button: Making Buttons
make-thread: Basic Thread Functions
make-translation-table: Translation of Characters
make-translation-table-from-alist: Translation of Characters
make-translation-table-from-vector: Translation of Characters
make-variable-buffer-local: Creating Buffer-Local
make-vector: Vector Functions
make-vtable: Tabulated List Mode
make-xwidget: Xwidgets
make_big_integer: Module Values
make_float: Module Values
make_function: Module Functions
make_global_ref: Module Values
make_integer: Module Values
make_interactive: Module Functions
make_string: Module Values
make_time: Module Values
make_unibyte_string: Module Values
make_user_ptr: Module Values
making backup files: Making Backups
making buttons: Making Buttons
makunbound: Void Variables
malicious use of directional overrides: Bidirectional Display
managing overlays: Managing Overlays
manipulating buttons: Manipulating Buttons
map-char-table: Char-Tables
map-charset-chars: Character Sets
map-keymap: Scanning Keymaps
map-y-or-n-p: Multiple Queries
mapatoms: Creating Symbols
mapbacktrace: Internals of Debugger
mapc: Mapping Functions
mapcan: Mapping Functions
mapcar: Mapping Functions
mapconcat: Mapping Functions
maphash: Hash Access
mapped frame: Visibility of Frames
mapping functions: Mapping Functions
margins, display: Display Margins
margins, filling: Margins
mark: The Mark
mark excursion: Excursions
mark ring: The Mark
mark, the: The Mark
mark-active: The Mark
mark-even-if-inactive: The Mark
mark-marker: The Mark
mark-ring: The Mark
mark-ring-max: The Mark
marker argument: Interactive Codes
marker creation: Creating Markers
marker garbage collection: Overview of Markers
marker information: Information from Markers
marker input stream: Input Streams
marker output stream: Output Streams
marker relocation: Overview of Markers
marker, how to move position: Moving Markers
marker-buffer: Information from Markers
marker-insertion-type: Marker Insertion Types
marker-position: Information from Markers
markerp: Predicates on Markers
markers: Markers
markers as numbers: Overview of Markers
markers, predicates for: Predicates on Markers
match: Parser-based Indentation
match data: Match Data
match, customization keyword: Type Keywords
match-alternatives, customization keyword: Composite Types
match-beginning: Simple Match Data
match-buffers: Buffer List
match-data: Entire Match Data
match-end: Simple Match Data
match-inline, customization keyword: Type Keywords
match-string: Simple Match Data
match-string-no-properties: Simple Match Data
match-substitute-replacement: Replacing Match
matching, structural: Backquote Patterns
mathematical functions: Math Functions
max: Comparison of Numbers
max-char: Character Codes
max-image-size: Showing Images
max-lisp-eval-depth: Eval
max-mini-window-height: Minibuffer Windows
maximal-match in rx: Rx Constructs
maximize-window: Resizing Windows
maximized frames: Size Parameters
maximizing windows: Resizing Windows
maximum fixnum: Integer Basics
maximum value of character codepoint: Character Codes
maximum value of sequence: Sequence Functions
maximum-scroll-margin: Textual Scrolling
maybe_quit, use in Lisp primitives: Writing Emacs Primitives
md5: Checksum/Hash
MD5 checksum: Checksum/Hash
MD5 checksum: GnuTLS Cryptography
measuring resource usage: Profiling
member: Sets And Lists
member-ignore-case: Sets And Lists
membership in a list: Sets And Lists
memory allocation: Garbage Collection
memory usage: Profiling
memory usage: Memory Usage
memory-full: Garbage Collection
memory-info: Garbage Collection
memory-limit: Garbage Collection
memory-report: Garbage Collection
memory-use-counts: Garbage Collection
memq: Sets And Lists
memql: Sets And Lists
menu bar: Menu Bar
menu bar keymaps: Standard Keymaps
menu definition example: Menu Example
menu item: Defining Menus
menu keymaps: Menu Keymaps
menu modification: Modifying Menus
menu prompt string: Defining Menus
menu separators: Menu Separators
menu-bar, prefix key: Key Sequence Input
menu-bar-file-menu: Standard Keymaps
menu-bar-final-items: Menu Bar
menu-bar-help-menu: Standard Keymaps
menu-bar-lines, a frame parameter: Layout Parameters
menu-bar-options-menu: Standard Keymaps
menu-bar-tools-menu: Standard Keymaps
menu-bar-update-hook: Menu Bar
menu-item: Extended Menu Items
menu-prompt-more-char: Keyboard Menus
menus, popup: Pop-Up Menus
merge-face-attribute: Attribute Functions
message: Displaying Messages
message digest: Checksum/Hash
message, finding what causes a particular message: Error Debugging
message-box: Displaying Messages
message-log-max: Logging Messages
message-or-box: Displaying Messages
message-truncate-lines: Echo Area Customization
messages-buffer: Logging Messages
messages-buffer-name: Logging Messages
meta character key constants: Low-Level Key Binding
meta character printing: Describing Characters
meta characters: Meta-Char Syntax
meta characters lookup: Format of Keymaps
meta-prefix-char: Functions for Key Lookup
min: Comparison of Numbers
min-height, a frame parameter: Size Parameters
min-margins, a window parameter: Window Parameters
min-width, a frame parameter: Size Parameters
minibuffer: Minibuffers
minibuffer completion: Minibuffer Completion
minibuffer contents, accessing: Minibuffer Contents
minibuffer history: Minibuffer History
minibuffer input: Recursive Editing
minibuffer input, and command-line arguments: Shell Arguments
minibuffer input, reading lisp objects: Object from Minibuffer
minibuffer input, reading text strings: Text from Minibuffer
minibuffer window: Basic Windows
minibuffer window, and next-window: Cyclic Window Ordering
minibuffer windows: Minibuffer Windows
minibuffer, a frame parameter: Buffer Parameters
minibuffer-allow-text-properties: Text from Minibuffer
minibuffer-auto-raise: Raising and Lowering
minibuffer-beginning-of-buffer-movement: Completion Commands
minibuffer-complete: Completion Commands
minibuffer-complete-and-exit: Completion Commands
minibuffer-complete-word: Completion Commands
minibuffer-completion-confirm: Completion Commands
minibuffer-completion-help: Completion Commands
minibuffer-completion-predicate: Completion Commands
minibuffer-completion-table: Completion Commands
minibuffer-confirm-exit-commands: Completion Commands
minibuffer-contents: Minibuffer Contents
minibuffer-contents-no-properties: Minibuffer Contents
minibuffer-default-add-function: Minibuffer History
minibuffer-default-prompt-format: Text from Minibuffer
minibuffer-depth: Recursive Mini
minibuffer-exit, a frame parameter: Frame Interaction Parameters
minibuffer-exit-hook: Minibuffer Misc
minibuffer-frame-alist: Initial Parameters
minibuffer-help-form: Minibuffer Misc
minibuffer-history: Minibuffer History
minibuffer-inactive-mode: Minibuffer Misc
minibuffer-inactive-mode-map: Standard Keymaps
minibuffer-less frame: Frame Layout
minibuffer-local-completion-map: Completion Commands
minibuffer-local-filename-completion-map: Completion Commands
minibuffer-local-map: Text from Minibuffer
minibuffer-local-must-match-map: Completion Commands
minibuffer-local-ns-map: Text from Minibuffer
minibuffer-local-shell-command-map: Reading File Names
minibuffer-message: Minibuffer Misc
minibuffer-message (text property): Special Properties
minibuffer-message-timeout: Minibuffer Misc
minibuffer-mode-map: Text from Minibuffer
minibuffer-only frame: Frame Layout
minibuffer-only frame: Initial Parameters
minibuffer-prompt: Minibuffer Contents
minibuffer-prompt-end: Minibuffer Contents
minibuffer-prompt-properties: Text from Minibuffer
minibuffer-prompt-width: Minibuffer Contents
minibuffer-scroll-window: Minibuffer Misc
minibuffer-selected-window: Minibuffer Misc
minibuffer-setup-hook: Minibuffer Misc
minibuffer-window: Minibuffer Windows
minibuffer-window-active-p: Minibuffer Windows
minibuffer-with-setup-hook: Minibuffer Misc
minibufferp: Minibuffer Misc
minimal-match in rx: Rx Constructs
minimize-window: Resizing Windows
minimized frame: Visibility of Frames
minimizing windows: Resizing Windows
minimum fixnum: Integer Basics
minimum value of sequence: Sequence Functions
minor mode: Minor Modes
minor mode conventions: Minor Mode Conventions
minor-mode-alist: Mode Line Variables
minor-mode-key-binding: Functions for Key Lookup
minor-mode-list: Minor Modes
minor-mode-map-alist: Controlling Active Maps
minor-mode-overriding-map-alist: Controlling Active Maps
mirroring of characters: Character Properties
missing node, tree-sitter: Accessing Node Information
mkdir: Create/Delete Dirs
mod: Arithmetic Operations
mode: Modes
mode bits: Testing Accessibility
mode help: Mode Help
mode hook: Major Mode Conventions
mode line: Mode Line Format
mode line construct: Mode Line Data
mode loading: Major Mode Conventions
mode variable: Minor Mode Conventions
mode, a buffer display action alist entry: Buffer Display Action Alists
mode-class (property): Major Mode Conventions
mode-line, prefix key: Key Sequence Input
mode-line-buffer-identification: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-client: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-coding-system-map: Standard Keymaps
mode-line-column-line-number-mode-map: Standard Keymaps
mode-line-compact: Mode Line Basics
mode-line-end-spaces: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-format: Mode Line Top
mode-line-format, a window parameter: Window Parameters
mode-line-frame-identification: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-front-space: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-input-method-map: Standard Keymaps
mode-line-misc-info: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-modes: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-modified: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-mule-info: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-percent-position: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-position: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-position-column-format: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-position-column-line-format: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-position-line-format: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-process: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-remote: Mode Line Variables
mode-line-window-selected-p: Mode Line Basics
mode-name: Mode Line Variables
mode-specific commands: Command Modes
mode-specific-map: Prefix Keys
model/view/controller: Abstract Display
modification flag (of buffer): Buffer Modification
modification of lists: Rearrangement
modification time of buffer: Modification Time
modification time of file: File Attributes
modification-hooks (overlay property): Overlay Properties
modification-hooks (text property): Special Properties
modifier bits (of input character): Keyboard Events
modifiers of events: Event Mod
modify a list: List Variables
modify-all-frames-parameters: Parameter Access
modify-category-entry: Categories
modify-frame-parameters: Parameter Access
modify-syntax-entry: Syntax Table Functions
modifying strings: Modifying Strings
module API: Writing Dynamic Modules
module functions: Module Functions
module initialization: Module Initialization
module runtime environment: Module Initialization
module values, conversion: Module Values
module-file-suffix: Dynamic Modules
module-load: Dynamic Modules
modulus: Arithmetic Operations
momentary-string-display: Temporary Displays
monitor change functions: Multiple Terminals
most recently selected windows: Selecting Windows
most recently used window: Cyclic Window Ordering
most-negative-fixnum: Integer Basics
most-positive-fixnum: Integer Basics
motion based on parsing: Motion via Parsing
motion by chars, words, lines, lists: Motion
motion event: Motion Events
mouse click event: Click Events
mouse drag event: Drag Events
mouse dragging parameters: Mouse Dragging Parameters
mouse events, data in: Accessing Mouse
mouse events, in special parts of window or frame: Key Sequence Input
mouse events, repeated: Repeat Events
mouse motion events: Motion Events
mouse pointer shape: Pointer Shape
mouse position: Mouse Position
mouse position list: Click Events
mouse position list, accessing: Accessing Mouse
mouse tracking: Mouse Tracking
mouse wheel event: Click Events
mouse, a face: Font and Color Parameters
mouse, availability: Display Feature Testing
mouse-1: Clickable Text
mouse-1-click-follows-link: Clickable Text
mouse-2: Key Binding Conventions
mouse-absolute-pixel-position: Mouse Position
mouse-action (button property): Button Properties
mouse-appearance-menu-map: Standard Keymaps
mouse-autoselect-window: Mouse Window Auto-selection
mouse-color, a frame parameter: Font and Color Parameters
mouse-face (button property): Button Properties
mouse-face (overlay property): Overlay Properties
mouse-face (text property): Special Properties
mouse-fine-grained-tracking: Motion Events
mouse-leave-buffer-hook: Standard Hooks
mouse-movement-p: Classifying Events
mouse-on-link-p: Clickable Text
mouse-pixel-position: Mouse Position
mouse-position: Mouse Position
mouse-position-function: Mouse Position
mouse-wheel-down-event: Misc Events
mouse-wheel-frame, a frame parameter: Frame Interaction Parameters
mouse-wheel-left-event: Misc Events
mouse-wheel-right-event: Misc Events
mouse-wheel-up-event: Misc Events
move to beginning or end of buffer: Buffer End Motion
move-frame-functions: Frame Position
move-marker: Moving Markers
move-overlay: Managing Overlays
move-point-visually: Bidirectional Display
move-to-column: Columns
move-to-left-margin: Margins
move-to-window-group-line: Screen Lines
move-to-window-group-line-function: Screen Lines
move-to-window-line: Screen Lines
movemail: Subprocess Creation
moveto: SVG Images
moving across syntax classes: Motion and Syntax
moving markers: Moving Markers
MS-DOS and file modes: Testing Accessibility
MS-Windows file-name syntax: File Names
mule-keymap: Prefix Keys
multi-file package: Multi-file Packages
multi-frame images: Multi-Frame Images
multi-message-max: Displaying Messages
multi-message-timeout: Displaying Messages
multi-mode indentation: Mode-Specific Indent
multi-monitor: Multiple Terminals
multi-query-replace-map: Search and Replace
multi-tty: Multiple Terminals
multibyte characters: Non-ASCII Characters
multibyte text: Text Representations
multibyte-char-to-unibyte: Converting Representations
multibyte-string-p: Text Representations
multibyte-syntax-as-symbol: Control Parsing
multiline font lock: Multiline Font Lock
multiple languages, parsing with tree-sitter: Multiple Languages
multiple terminals: Multiple Terminals
multiple windows: Basic Windows
multiple X displays: Multiple Terminals
multiple yes-or-no questions: Multiple Queries
multiple-dispatch methods: Generic Functions
multiple-frames: Frame Titles
multisession variable: Multisession Variables
multisession-delete: Multisession Variables
multisession-directory: Multisession Variables
multisession-edit-mode: Multisession Variables
multisession-storage: Multisession Variables
multisession-value: Multisession Variables
mutable lists: Modifying Lists
mutable objects: Mutability
mutex-lock: Mutexes
mutex-name: Mutexes
mutex-unlock: Mutexes
mutexp: Mutexes
mwheel-coalesce-scroll-events: Misc Events

n-p-gp: Parser-based Indentation
name, a frame parameter: Basic Parameters
named function: Function Names
named node, tree-sitter: Language Grammar
named-let: Local Variables
namespace etiquette: Shorthands
namespaces: Shorthands
namespacing: Shorthands
naming backup files: Backup Names
NaN: Float Basics
narrow-map: Standard Keymaps
narrow-to-page: Narrowing
narrow-to-region: Narrowing
narrowing: Narrowing
native code: Native Compilation
native compilation: Native Compilation
native compilation, prevent writing *.eln files: Native Compilation
native edges: Frame Layout
native frame: Frame Layout
native height: Frame Layout
native position: Frame Layout
native size: Frame Layout
native width: Frame Layout
native-comp-async-jobs-number: Native-Compilation Variables
native-comp-async-query-on-exit: Native-Compilation Variables
native-comp-async-report-warnings-errors: Native-Compilation Variables
native-comp-available-p: Native-Compilation Functions
native-comp-debug: Native-Compilation Variables
native-comp-eln-load-path: Library Search
native-comp-enable-subr-trampolines: Native-Compilation Variables
native-comp-jit-compilation: Native-Compilation Variables
native-comp-limple-mode: Native-Compilation Functions
native-comp-speed: Native-Compilation Variables
native-comp-verbose: Native-Compilation Functions
native-comp-verbose: Native-Compilation Variables
native-compilation functions: Native-Compilation Functions
native-compilation variables: Native-Compilation Variables
native-compile: Native-Compilation Functions
native-compile, a Lisp feature: Native Compilation
native-compile-async: Native-Compilation Functions
natnump: Predicates on Numbers
natural numbers: Predicates on Numbers
nbutlast: List Elements
nconc: Rearrangement
negative infinity: Float Basics
negative-argument: Prefix Command Arguments
nest frame: Child Frames
network byte ordering, in Bindat specification: Bindat Types
network connection: Network
network connection, encrypted: Network
network servers: Network Servers
network service name, and default coding system: Default Coding Systems
network-coding-system-alist: Default Coding Systems
network-interface-info: Misc Network
network-interface-list: Misc Network
network-lookup-address-info: Misc Network
network-stream-use-client-certificates: Network
new file message: Subroutines of Visiting
newline: Basic Char Syntax
newline: Commands for Insertion
newline and Auto Fill mode: Commands for Insertion
newline in print: Output Functions
newline in strings