GNU Testimonials

Free software isn't simply a pastime for programmers; it's a productive contributor to people and businesses all over the world. From ornamental ribbon makers, to scientific researchers, free software aids hundreds of thousands of people in their everyday work. Its development continues at blazing speed to fill the insatiable needs of users in all types of applications.

The GNU Project has been a major influence on free software development for more than a decade, creating a myriad of important tools such as robust compilers, powerful text editors, and even a fully functional operating system. The project was started in 1984 by MIT programmer Richard Stallman to create a free, Unix-like operating environment. Since then, thousands of programmers have joined in the effort to produce free, high quality software which is accessible to everyone.

These testimonials challenge the misconceptions that free software is impractical, unreliable, and unsupported.

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