Big Tech Threats to Education and Society as a Whole

What are the threats? Surveillance. Censorship. Restrictions. Software that users can't control.
—From A Free Digital Society, a speech by Richard Stallman, 2011.

Every sphere of our lives today has been permeated with proprietary digital technologies that Big Tech uses as instruments of surveillance and mistreatment. The main way to fight back this potent empire of megacorporations is to empower citizens with the ability to inspect and control the software they use. Entrusted with the mission to contribute to the betterment of society, it is the responsibility of all educational institutions to provide students with the means to exercise their computer rights by teaching and installing only free/libre software at school. There is no legitimate alternative to free software in schools. Free software is an essential condition, not merely an option, to pursue their social mission. Today more than ever.

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