Freedom Fry — “Happy birthday to GNU”

Mr. Stephen Fry introduces you to free software, and reminds you of a very special birthday.

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We started the GNU Project with a specific overall goal: to create a free software operating system, the GNU System. The scope of GNU is far-reaching: any job that computer users want to do should be doable by free software, and is thus a potential part of GNU. For instance, any program found in a typical GNU/Linux distribution is a candidate.

So we welcome new packages in GNU, to further our common cause of free software. If you want to join in and may have a suitable package, please fill out this short questionnaire to get started, and see the background information there. The Free Software Directory holds the list of all current GNU packages.

Another important way to help GNU is by contributing to the existing GNU projects. The GNU Help Wanted list is the general task list for GNU software. You might also consider taking over one of the unmaintained GNU packages. The general Help GNU page includes many non-technical ways to contribute, too.

If you possess the skills of a webmaster, you might like to consider helping on this website—please take our webmaster quiz.

Our server is a central point for development and maintenance of free software, and many GNU projects are hosted at savannah. Savannah also welcomes and supports free software projects that are not official GNU packages, so feel free to use it for any of your free software work; unlike other hosting sites, savannah is firmly based on free software ideals.

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  • gNewSense, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian and Ubuntu, with sponsorship from the FSF.
  • BLAG, BLAG Linux and GNU, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Fedora.

More GNU distributions and a complete list of GNU packages