Help translate “Happy Birthday to GNU

We currently have translations in…

Please give us a few days to get the videos mirrored. Thanks to everyone who has sent translations so far. If you sent us a translation we already had before 3pm on September 3rd, we're going to add you to the credits anyway :)

If you'd like to help translate the movie, by providing subtitles, it's very easy to get involved.

We're using the SubRip format for subtitles.

Download the original English transcript, and open them in a text editor, such as GNU Emacs or gedit.

We've provided an example French subtitle file. If you'd prefer a GUI way to do this, then we have found KSubtile (yes, that's subtile, not subtitle) to be pretty good.

Translate each line of text as best as you can. Please do not change the times.

Email your completed SRT file to <>.