Freedom of Speech, Press, and Association on the Internet

The Free Software Foundation supports the freedoms of speech, press, and association on the Internet. Please check out:

  • The Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition at the Wayback Machine (archived April 24, 1999) came together to oppose Congress' first attempt to regulate material published on the Internet, the Communications Decency Act, which the U.S. Supreme Court found unconstitutional on June 26, 1997. Their site is being preserved as a resource on the landmark CDA case.
  • The Voters Telecommunications Watch at the Wayback Machine (archived July 09, 1998) and their excellent announcement electronic mailing list.
  • Censoring GNU Emacs describes how the Communications Decency Act required the GNU Project to censor GNU Emacs—and how this paradoxically had the opposite of the effect that the censors wanted.
  • F.A.C.T.Net Inc. is a non-profit Internet digest, news service, library, dialogue center, and archive dedicated to the promotion and defense of international free thought, free speech, and privacy rights.
  • The Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Freedom of Speech, Press and Association.
  • You can read the June 1996 appeals court decision at the Wayback Machine (archived December 01, 2001) rejecting censorship of the Internet. But remember, this decision is not final! First, the Supreme Court will agree or disagree; then Congress gets a chance to look for another method of censorship.
  • Saving Europe from Software Patents
  • Organizations that work for freedom in computer development and electronic communications.