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Proprietary Surveillance

Nonfree (proprietary) software is very often malware (designed to mistreat the user). Nonfree software is controlled by its developers, which puts them in a position of power over the users; that is the basic injustice. The developers often exercise that power to the detriment of the users they ought to serve.

This document attempts to track clearly established cases of proprietary software that spies on or tracks users.

Other examples of proprietary malware


For decades, the Free Software movement has been denouncing the abusive surveillance machine of proprietary software companies such as Microsoft and Apple. In the recent years, this tendency to watch people has spread across industries, not only in the software business, but also in the hardware. Moreover, it also spread dramatically away from the keyboard, in the mobile computing industry, in the office, at home, in transportation systems, and in the classroom.

Aggregate or anonymized data

Many companies, in their privacy policy, have a clause that claims they share aggregate, non-personally identifiable information with third parties/partners. Such claims are worthless, for several reasons:

Therefore, we must not be distracted by companies' statements of they will do with the data they collect. The wrong is that they collect it at all.

Latest additions

Latest additions are found on top under each category.

Spyware in Operating Systems


Spyware in Windows


Microsoft's snooping on users did not start with Windows 10. There's a lot more Microsoft malware.

Spyware in MacOS


There's a lot more iThing spyware, and Apple malware.

Spyware in Android


Spyware on Mobiles


Spyware in iThings


Spyware in Telephones


Spyware in Mobile Applications


Spyware in Toys


Spyware on “Smart” Watches


Spyware at Low Level


Spyware in BIOS


Spyware at Work


Spyware in Skype


Spyware on The Road


Spyware in Cameras


Spyware in e-Readers


Spyware in Vehicles


Spyware at Home


Spyware in TV Sets


Emo Phillips made a joke: The other day a woman came up to me and said, “Didn't I see you on television?” I said, “I don't know. You can't see out the other way.” Evidently that was before Amazon “smart” TVs.

Spyware in Games


Spyware at Recreation


Spyware on the Web


In addition, many web sites spy on their visitors. Web sites are not programs, so it makes no sense to call them “free” or “proprietary”, but the surveillance is an abuse all the same.

Spyware in JavaScript and Flash


Spyware in Chrome


Spyware in Drones


Spyware Everywhere


Spyware In VR



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