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* Cpio Manage cpio and tar file archives. [cpio home]
* Gzip General file (de)compression (using lzw). [gzip home]
* Paxutils Manage cpio, tar, and pax file archives. [paxutils home]
* Sharutils Archives in shell scripts, uuencode/uudecode. [sharutils home]
* Tar Managing tar archives. [tar home]
* Xorriso Create, manipulate, burn ISO-9660 filesystems. [xorriso home]
* Ccd2cue CCD to CUE sheet conversion. [ccd2cue home]
* EMMS Emacs Multimedia System. [emms home]
* Gmediaserver UPnP compatible media server. [gmediaserver home]
* GNUfm Social music explorations. [gnufm home]
* GNUmp3d Server for streaming audio files. [gnump3d home]
* GNUpod Manage portable audio device. [gnupod home]
* Radio Software radio implementations. [gnuradio home]
* GNUsound Multi-track sound editor for GNOME. [gnusound home]
* Guile-SDL Guile interface for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer). [guile-sdl home]
* Libcdio (cd-text) CD Input and Control library. [libcdio home]
* Libextractor Library to extract meta-data from media files. [libextractor home]
* Speex Library for patent-free audio compression format. [speex home]
Business and productivity
* Barcode Convert text strings to printed bars in various standards. [barcode home]
* BPEL2oWFN Translating web service in BPEL to Open Workflow Nets. [bpel2owfn home]
* Foliot An application for tracking time spent on projects. [foliot home]
* Gcal Calculating and printing a wide variety of calendars. [gcal home]
* GnuCash Personal and small business financial accounting software. [gnucash home]
* GNU Enterprise Enterprise resource planning, et al. [gnue home]
* Gretl Statistical analysis of economic data (econometrics). [gretl home]
* Pem Personal expenses manager. [pem home]
* Taler Electronic payments for a liberal society. [taler home]
* Ferret Entity/relationship based data modeler. [ferret home]
* Gdbm Hash library of database functions compatible with traditional dbm. [gdbm home]
* Guile-dbi Guile database abstraction layer. [guile-dbi home]
* Gurgle GNU Report Generator Language. [gurgle home]
* Libdbh Advanced library for disk-based hash tables. [libdbh home]
* Metaexchange Manipulate metadata from OAI-PMH and Z39.50. [metaexchange home]
* Recutils Manipulate plain text files as databases. [recutils home]
* Sqltutor Interactively learn SQL by example. [sqltutor home]
* Dico Implementation of DICT server (RFC 2229). [dico home]
* Gcide GNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English. [gcide home]
* Vera List of acronyms. [vera home]
Documentation translation
* GNUjdoc Japanese translations of GNU documents. [gnujdoc home]
* GNUnited Nations (gnun web-trans) Build system for www.gnu.org translations. [gnun home]
* Trans-coord Organizational infrastructure for translating www.gnu.org. [trans-coord home]
* Emacs (ada-mode autotype ccmode cl dired-x ebrowse ediff eieio elisp emacs epa erc eshell flymake gnus idlwave message mh-e nxml-mode org pcl-cvs rcirc semantic smtp speedbar tramp vip viper woman) The extensible, customizable, self-documenting text editor.
Available in print: Emacs Reference Cards, GNU Emacs Manual. [emacs home]
* Moe Modeless, multiple-buffer, user-friendly 8-bit text editor. [moe home]
* Nano Small, user-friendly console text editor. [nano home]
* Readline (history rluserman) Edit command lines while typing, with history support. [readline home]
* Zile Zile is lossy Emacs, a lightweight Emacs clone. [zile home]
* Dr. Geo Interactive geometry software. [dr-geo home]
* Eprints Web-based repository software, with a default setup for research papers. [eprints home]
* FisicaLab Educational application for solving physics problems. [fisicalab home]
* GCompris Educational games for small children. [gcompris home]
* Ggradebook GNOME application to track students' grades for teachers. [ggradebook home]
* Glean extensible quizzing and tutorial for self-study. [glean home]
* GNUschool Web application for educators, students, and school administrators. [gnuschool home]
* Gtypist Typing tutor. [gtypist home]
* Ignuit Memorization aid based on Leitner flashcards. [ignuit home]
* Java Training Wheels A simplified Java environment for learning programming. [jtw home]
* MIX Development Kit Virtual development environment for Knuth's MIX.
Available in print: GNU MDK. [mdk home]
* Anubis SMTP message submission daemon. [anubis home]
* GNUbiff Mail notification program. [gnubiff home]
* Mailman Mailing list manager. [mailman home]
* Mailutils Utilities and library for reading and serving mail. [mailutils home]
* Fontopia A console font editor. [fontopia home]
* Fontutils Scanned image, bitmap, outline font manipulation. [fontutils home]
* Free UCS Outline Fonts Unicode-encoded outline fonts. [freefont home]
* Intlfonts TrueType and BDF fonts covering many scripts. [intlfonts home]
* Unifont Large bitmap font covering Unicode's Basic Multilingual Plane. [unifont home]
GNU organization
* GNU organization (maintain standards) GNU coding standards and maintainer information. [gnustandards home]
* Acm Multiplayer aerial combat simulation. [acm home]
* Ball and Paddle Ball and paddle game extensible with Guile. [ballandpaddle home]
* Chess Full chess implementation. [chess home]
* Dominion Multi-player world simulation and role-playing game. [dominion home]
* FreeDink Twisted adventures of young pig farmer Dink Smallwood. [freedink home]
* Backgammon Backgammon game. [gnubg home]
* GNUbik 3d Rubik's cube game. [gnubik home]
* GNUgo Play the game of Go. [gnugo home]
* GNUjump Game of jumping to the next floor, trying not to fall. [gnujump home]
* GNUkart Racing game. [gnukart home]
* Robots Program a little robot and watch him explore a world. [gnurobots home]
* GNUshogi The game of Shogi (Japanese chess). [gnushogi home]
* Leg Libraries and engines for game programming. [leg home]
* Liquid War 6 Multiplayer wargame where your army is a blob of liquid. [liquidwar6 home]
* Motti Multiplayer strategy game. [motti home]
* Rpge Role playing game engine. [rpge home]
* Talkfilters Convert English text to humorous dialects. [talkfilters home]
* XBoard Graphical user interface for chess programs. [xboard home]
* 3DLDF 3D drawing with MetaPost output. [3dldf home]
* Dia Diagram creation for GNOME. [dia home]
* GIFT GNU Image Finding Tool, with query by example. [gift home]
* GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program. [gimp home]
* Gpaint Simple paint program for GNOME. [gpaint home]
* Gsegrafix GNOME application to create scientific and engineering plots. [gsegrafix home]
* Guile-opengl Guile binding for the OpenGL graphics API. [guile-opengl home]
* Libxmi Library for rasterizing 2-d vector graphics. [libxmi home]
* Maverik Support interactive 3d virtual environments. [maverik home]
* Panorama Framework for 3D graphics production. [panorama home]
* Plotutils Plotting utilities and library. [plotutils home]
* XaoS Real-time fractal zoomer. [xaos home]
* GNUmed Paperless medical practice. [gnumed home]
* GNUtrition Nutrition analysis. [gnutrition home]
* Health Health and hospital information system. [health home]
* G-Golf Guile bindings for GObject Introspection. [g-golf home]
* GNOME The GNU desktop environment. [gnome home]
* GnuDOS MS-DOS-like file manager, editor, and other tools. [gnudos home]
* GNU Interactive Tools Interactive utilities for file browsing, viewing, and more. [gnuit home]
* GNUspeech Extensible rule-based text-to-speech. [gnuspeech home]
* GTK+ Cross-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. [gtk+ home]
* Guile-ncurses Guile bindings to ncurses. [guile-ncurses home]
* Gxmessage Open popup message window with buttons for return. [gxmessage home]
* Inklingreader Wacom Inkling sketch format conversion and manipulation. [inklingreader home]
* Midnight Commander Graphical file manager. [mc home]
* Ncurses Terminal emulation (termcap, terminfo) library. [ncurses home]
* OO-Browser An interactive object-oriented class browser for Emacs. [oo-browser home]
* Phantom.Home Computer-controlled home automation. [phantom_home home]
* PowerGuru Monitoring, logging, and remote control of power generation. [powerguru home]
* Remotecontrol Management of IP-enabled thermostats and other HVAC devices. [remotecontrol home]
* Stalkerfs Desktop search engine for local files, using FUSE. [stalkerfs home]
* Termcap Terminal-independent display support. [termcap home]
* Termutils The tput and tabs utilities for terminal operations. [termutils home]
* TRAMP Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocol GNU Emacs package. [tramp home]
Internet applications
* Alive Autologin and keep-alive daemon. [alive home]
* Artanis Web application framework written in Guile. [artanis home]
* Consensus Coordinate free software social networking projects. [consensus home]
* Freetalk Extensible console-based Jabber client. [freetalk home]
* Gratuitous ARP Daemon Broadcast gratuitous ARP requests for IPMI and more. [garpd home]
* Gnash Flash movie player. [gnash home]
* GNUnet Secure, decentralized, peer-to-peer networking framework. [gnunet home]
* GNUzilla Entirely free browser derived from Mozilla Firefox. [gnuzilla home]
* Httptunnel Bidirectional connection tunnelled inside HTTP requests. [httptunnel home]
* Icecat Entirely free browser derived from Mozilla Firefox. [icecat home]
* Inetutils Basic networking utilities. [inetutils home]
* Jwhois An extended whois client. [jwhois home]
* Librejs Browser add-on that blocks nonfree nontrivial JavaScript. [librejs home]
* Lrzsz Implementation of XMODEM/YMODEM/ZMODEM transfer protocols. [lrzsz home]
* MAC Changer Viewing and manipulating MAC addresses of network interfaces. [macchanger home]
* Mediagoblin Photo and media sharing. [mediagoblin home]
* Network Initiative to encourage development of free network services. [network home]
* Pipo Bulletin board system. [pipo home]
* Proxyknife Customizable multithread proxy hunter. [proxyknife home]
* Shishi Implementation of the Kerberos 5 network security system. [shishi home]
* Social Decentralized social networking server. [social home]
* Stump Secure team-based Usenet moderation program. [stump home]
* Websocket4j WebSocket protocol implementation for Java-HTML5 communication. [websocket4j home]
* WebSTUMP Web interface to STUMP. [webstump home]
* Wget Non-interactive command-line utility for downloading files. [wget home]
Live communications
* Jami A privacy-respecting communication program. [jami home]
* FriBiDi Implementation of the Unicode bidirectional algorithm. [fribidi home]
* Gettext Tools and documentation for translation. [gettext home]
* Aris Natural deduction first-order logic interface. [aris home]
* Bc Arbitrary precision numeric processing language. [bc home]
* C-graph Visualizing and demonstrating convolution. [c-graph home]
* Dap Statistics and graphics package. [dap home]
* Datamash Scriptable statistics and data calculation. [datamash home]
* Dc Arbitrary precision numeric processing with reverse-polish notation. [dc home]
* GMP Multiple-precision arithmetic library. [gmp home]
* GNU Scientific Library Numerical library for C and C++. [gsl home]
* JACAL Symbolic mathematics system. [jacal home]
* Libmatheval Library for evaluating symbolic expressions. [libmatheval home]
* MCSim Monte Carlo simulation and analysis. [mcsim home]
* MLI Logical proof program. [metalogic-inference home]
* Mpc C library for arbitrary precision complex arithmetic. [mpc home]
* Mpfr C library for arbitrary precision floating-point arithmetic. [mpfr home]
* Mpria C library for arbitrary precision rational arithmetic. [mpria home]
* Octave High-level language for numerical computation. [octave home]
* PSPP Statistical analysis. [pspp home]
* R Environment for statistical computing and graphics. [r home]
* Cursynth Polyphonic and MIDI subtractive music synthesizer using curses. [cursynth home]
* Denemo Graphical music notation, front-end to GNU Lilypond. [denemo home]
* GTick Customizable metronome application. [gtick home]
* Lilypond Music typesetting. [lilypond home]
* Psychosynth Interactive software synthesizer. [psychosynth home]
* Solfege Ear training. [solfege home]
* a2ps Any file to PostScript, including pretty-printing. [a2ps home]
* Enscript Generating PostScript, including pretty-printing. [enscript home]
* GNU Ghostscript PostScript and PDF interpreter. [ghostscript home]
* GNUspool Spooling system with a variety of interfaces. [gnuspool home]
* Gv PostScript and PDF viewer using Ghostscript as a back-end. [gv home]
* Hp2xx Convert HP-GL format graphics to other vector and bitmap formats. [hp2xx home]
* Pdf Library and programs for manipulating PDF. [pdf home]
* Trueprint Pretty-print C sources and other plain text to PostScript. [trueprint home]
* Archimedes Semiconductor device simulator. [archimedes home]
* Dionysus Local search for universal constants and scientific values. [dionysus home]
* Electric Electrical CAD system. [electric home]
* Gama Adjustment of geodetic networks. [gama home]
* Gbehistun Planetary Science tools. [gbehistun home]
* Gneural Network Programmable neural network. [gneuralnetwork home]
* GnuAE Designing alternate energy systems. [gnuae home]
* Gnuastro Astronomy utilities. [gnuastro home]
* GNUcap Mixed analog and digital circuit simulator. [gnucap home]
* Goptical C++ optical design and simulation library. [goptical home]
* Libredwg C library to handle DWG (CAD-related) files. [libredwg home]
* Lims Scientific laboratory information management system. [lims home]
* Melting Temperature computations for a nucleic acid duplex. [melting home]
* Nano-archimedes Simulation of quantum systems using the Wigner Monte Carlo method. [nano-archimedes home]
* Pcb Design printed circuit board layouts. [pcb home]
* Polyxmass Mass spectrometric data simulations and analyses. [polyxmass home]
* SpaceChart Stargazing in 3D under GNOME. [spacechart home]
* Units Conversion between thousands of scales. [units home]
* Crypto Cryptographic primitives and tools for Java programming. [gnu-crypto home]
* GNU-pw-mgr Retrieve login credentials without recording passwords. [gnu-pw-mgr home]
* GnuPG (assuan dirmngr gcrypt libgcrypt gnupg gpgme ksba) GNU Privacy Guard. [gnupg home]
* GVPE Secure VPN among multiple nodes over an untrusted network. [gvpe home]
* Libtasn1 ASN.1 library. [libtasn1 home]
* Lsh GNU implementation of the Secure Shell (ssh) protocols. [lsh home]
* Nettle C library for low-level cryptographic functionality. [nettle home]
* Radius Authentication and accounting services and daemon. [radius home]
* Userv Daemon to control service access. [userv home]
Software development
* APL APL interpreter. [apl home]
* Autoconf Create source code configuration scripts. [autoconf home]
* Autoconf-archive Collection of freely reusable Autoconf macros. [autoconf-archive home]
* Autogen Automated program generator. [autogen home]
* Automake Making GNU standards-compliant Makefiles. [automake home]
* Bash The GNU Bourne-Again SHell. [bash home]
* Binutils (as bfd binutils gprof ld) Binary utilities: bfd gas gprof ld. [binutils home]
* Bison Parser generator.
Available in print: The Bison Manual. [bison home]
* Ccide Decision table code generator. [ccide home]
* Cflow Create a graph of control flow within a program. [cflow home]
* Cim Simula compiler. [cim home]
* CLISP A Common Lisp implementation. [clisp home]
* Complexity Analyze complexity of C functions. [complexity home]
* Config Ubiquitious config.guess and config.sub scripts. [config home]
* Coreutils Core GNU utilities (file, text, shell). [coreutils home]
* Cppi Indent C preprocessor directives to reflect nesting and more. [cppi home]
* DDD Graphical front-end for GDB and other debuggers. [ddd home]
* DejaGnu GNU software testing framework. [dejagnu home]
* DJGPP Development system and GNU utilities for DOS on x86 hardware. [djgpp home]
* EDMA Object-oriented component-based development environment. [edma home]
* Epsilon A purely functional programming language. [epsilon home]
* Findutils Operating on files matching given criteria. [findutils home]
* GCC (cpp cppinternals gcc gccint gfc-internals gfortran gnat-style gnat_rm gnat_ugn libgomp libiberty libstdc++) GNU Compiler Collection.
Available in print: Using GCC: The GNU Compiler Collection Reference Manual. [gcc home]
* GNU Common Lisp A Common Lisp implementation. [gcl home]
* GDB (gdb stabs) The GNU debugger.
Available in print: Debugging with GDB: The GNU Source-Level Debugger. [gdb home]
* Gengen A parameterized-text-generator generator based on a template. [gengen home]
* Gengetopt Create parsers for command line options. [gengetopt home]
* Gforth Forth interpreter. [gforth home]
* Global Cross-environment source code tag system. [global home]
* GLUE Distributed groupware application framework. [glue home]
* GNAT Ada compiler. [gnat home]
* GNATS GNU problem report and bug management system. [gnats home]
* Gnatsweb Web interface to GNATS. [gnatsweb home]
* GNU C reference manual Reference manual for the C programming language. [gnu-c-manual home]
* GnuCOBOL A modern COBOL compiler. [gnucobol home]
* GNUlib Source files to share among distributions. [gnulib home]
* Mach Microkernel of the GNU system. [gnumach home]
* GNUprologjava (gnuprologjava) Implementation of Prolog as a Java library. [gnuprologjava home]
* GNUstep Object-oriented application development environment. [gnustep home]
* Gorm GNUstep interface designer. [gorm home]
* Gperf Perfect hash function generator. [gperf home]
* Gprolog Prolog compiler. [gprolog home]
* Greg Software testing framework. [greg home]
* Guile Scheme implementation intended especially for extensions. [guile home]
* Guile-gnome (atk clutter-glx clutter corba gconf gdk glib gnome-vfs gobject gtk libglade libgnome libgnomecanvas libgnomeui pango pangocairo) Guile interface for GTK+ programming for GNOME. [guile-gnome home]
* Guile-rpc Pure Scheme implementation for the ONC RPC standard. [guile-rpc home]
* Hello Hello, GNU world: An example GNU package. [hello home]
* Hurd The kernel servers for the GNU operating system. [hurd home]
* Idutils Identifier database utilities. [idutils home]
* Indent Code reformatter. [indent home]
* Kawa Java framework and implementation of Scheme, Elisp, and more. [kawa home]
* Kopi Java development environment for interactive database applications. [kopi home]
* Liberty Eiffel Eiffel compiler. [liberty-eiffel home]
* Libsigsegv Library for handling page faults. [libsigsegv home]
* Linux-libre 100% free redistribution of a cleaned Linux kernel. [linux-libre home]
* Lispintro Introduction to programming in Emacs Lisp.
Available in print: An Introduction to Emacs Lisp. [lispintro home]
* Make Remake files automatically. [make home]
* MARST Algol-to-C translator. [marst home]
* Mig Mach 3.0 interface generator for the Hurd. [mig home]
* MIT/GNU Scheme (mit-scheme-imail mit-scheme-ref sos mit-scheme-user) A Scheme implementation with integrated editor and debugger. [mit-scheme home]
* Pascal GNU Pascal compiler. [pascal home]
* Patch Apply differences to originals, with optional backups. [patch home]
* Pexec Execute a command in parallel on multiple hosts. [pexec home]
* Pies Program invocation and execution supervisor. [pies home]
* Pyconfigure Configure interface for Python-based packages. [pyconfigure home]
* Pythonwebkit W3C DOM bindings to Webkit for use with GTK and more. [pythonwebkit home]
* Qexo Java implementation of XQuery using GNU Kawa. [qexo home]
* Rush Restricted user (login) shell. [rush home]
* Sather An object-oriented language designed to be simple, efficient, safe. [sather home]
* SCM A Scheme implementation. [scm home]
* Screen Full-screen window manager providing multiple terminals. [screen home]
* Shmm Shared memory manager utility. [shmm home]
* Shtool Compilation of utility shell scripts into a shell tool. [shtool home]
* SLIB Portable library for Scheme. [slib home]
* Smalltalk (smalltalk-base smalltalk-libs smalltalk) Smalltalk environment. [smalltalk home]
* Superopt Super-optimizer of given functions. [superopt home]
* Swbis POSIX software packaging utilities. [swbis home]
* Teseq Analyze files with terminal control sequences, for debugging. [teseq home]
* Thales Unit test framework for Guile. [thales home]
* Vmgen Generic virtual machine generation, used by gforth. [vmgen home]
* Womb Repository for GNU work not intended to be separate packages. [womb home]
* Xnee Record, replay and distribute user actions under X11. [xnee home]
Software libraries
* 8sync An asynchronous programming library for Guile. [8sync home]
* Adns Asynchronous DNS client library and utilities. [adns home]
* Avl Binary and balanced search trees. [avl home]
* BFD Binary File Descriptor library. [bfd home]
* Cgicc C++ class library for writing CGI applications. [cgicc home]
* Classpath Core class libraries for Java. [classpath home]
* Classpathx Classpath extensions: javax.* libraries. [classpathx home]
* [u]Common C++ [u]Common C++ framework for threaded applications. [commoncpp home]
* FreeIPMI Platform management, including sensor and power monitoring. [freeipmi home]
* Gleem OpenGL Extremely Easy-to-use Manipulators. [gleem home]
* GLib Thread-safe general utility library; basis of GTK+ and GNOME. [glib home]
* GLPK GNU Linear Programming Kit, supporting the MathProg language. [glpk home]
* GnuTLS Transport layer security library. [gnutls home]
* Gsasl Simple Authentication and Security Layer library. [gsasl home]
* GNU Slip SLIP (Symmetric LIst Processor) implementation. [gslip home]
* Generic Security Service Generic Security Service library. [gss home]
* Guile-cv Computer Vision library for Guile. [guile-cv home]
* GWL Workflow language for GNU Guix. [gwl home]
* Java-getopt Java port of GNU getopt. [java-getopt home]
* Jel Java expression library and compiler. [jel home]
* GNU C Library C library. [libc home]
* Libffcall Foreign function calls from interpreters. [libffcall home]
* Libgcrypt Cryptographic function library. [libgcrypt home]
* Libiconv Character set conversion library. [libiconv home]
* Libidn Internationalized string processing library. [libidn home]
* Libjit Just-in-Time compilation library. [libjit home]
* Libmicrohttpd C library implementing an HTTP 1.1 server. [libmicrohttpd home]
* Libtool Generic shared library support tools. [libtool home]
* Libunistring C library for manipulating Unicode strings. [libunistring home]
* Lightning Library for generating assembly code at runtime. [lightning home]
* MemPool Block allocator library. [mempool home]
* Mifluz Full text indexing library. [mifluz home]
* Nana Library for assertions, logging, performance measurement. [nana home]
* oSIP Library implementing SIP (RFC-3261). [osip home]
* Pth Portable thread library. [pth home]
* Quickthreads Thread library. [quickthreads home]
* WB Disk-based associative array B-tree database library. [wb home]
* GNUmeric Spreadsheet application. [gnumeric home]
* Oleo Spreadsheet for both terminal and graphical interfaces. [oleo home]
* Spread Sheet Widget Gtk+ widget for viewing and manipulating tabular data. [ssw home]
System administration
* Acct Standard login and process accounting utilities. [acct home]
* ddrescue Data recovery utility. [ddrescue home]
* Direvent Daemon to monitor directories for events such as file removal. [direvent home]
* Fdisk Low-level disk partitioning and formatting. [fdisk home]
* GNUbatch Advanced batch scheduling and job control. [gnubatch home]
* GRUB GRand Unified Boot loader. [grub home]
* GNU Source Release Collection Install latest official GNU releases from original source. [gsrc home]
* Guix Functional package manager for installed software packages and versions. [guix home]
* Mcron Run jobs at scheduled times. [mcron home]
* Mes Full source bootstrapping for GNU systems. [mes home]
* Mtools Access MS-DOS disks without mounting. [mtools home]
* Parallel Build and execute command lines in parallel. [parallel home]
* Parted Disk partition editor. [parted home]
* Rottlog Log rotation and management. [rottlog home]
* Serveez Framework for implementing IP-based servers. [serveez home]
* Shepherd System service manager. [shepherd home]
* Stow Managing installed software packages. [stow home]
* Sysutils Standard system administration utilities: passwd, chsh, and more. [sysutils home]
* Time Run a command, then display its resource usage. [time home]
* UUCP UUCP protocol implementation. [uucp home]
* Which Find full path of shell commands. [which home]
* Xlogmaster GUI program for monitoring log and other files. [xlogmaster home]
* Bayonne Telephony server. [bayonne home]
* ccAudio Standalone C++ class framework for manipulating audio data. [ccaudio home]
* ccRTP Implementation of RTP (real-time transport protocol). [ccrtp home]
* ccScript C++ class framework for virtual machine execution. [ccscript home]
* GnuComm GNU telecommunications project / GNU Telephony. [gnucomm home]
* HaliFAX Fax support. [halifax home]
* Sipwitch Secure peer-to-peer VoIP server for the SIP protocol. [sipwitch home]
Text creation and manipulation
* Aspell Spell checker. [aspell home]
* AUCTeX Emacs environment for editing (all flavors of) TeX files. [auctex home]
* Bool Finding text and HTML files that match boolean expressions. [bool home]
* Combine Extensible file matching and filtering. [combine home]
* Diction Identifies wordy and commonly misused phrases. [diction home]
* Diffutils Comparing and merging files. [diffutils home]
* Ed Line-oriented text editor. [ed home]
* Gawk (gawkinet gawk) Text scanning and processing language. [gawk home]
* Grep Print lines matching a pattern. [grep home]
* Groff Typesetting from plain text mixed with formatting commands. [groff home]
* Help2man Automatically generate man pages from program --help. [help2man home]
* Html-info HTML-Info viewer and tools. [html-info home]
* Hyperbole Emacs hypertext system via customizable buttons. [hyperbole home]
* Less Paginator for terminals. [less home]
* M4 Macro processor. [m4 home]
* Miscfiles Data files for airport codes, zip codes, a dictionary, and more. [miscfiles home]
* Ocrad Optical character recognition based on feature extraction. [ocrad home]
* OrgaDoc Eiffel program to maintain and query documents across machines. [orgadoc home]
* Reftex Emacs support for LaTeX cross-references of all kinds. [reftex home]
* Sed Stream editor. [sed home]
* Spell Spell checking. [spell home]
* Src-highlite Produce a document with syntax highlighting from a source file. [src-highlite home]
* TeX for the Impatient Book on TeX, plain TeX, and Eplain. [teximpatient home]
* Texinfo (info-stnd texinfo) The GNU documentation format. [texinfo home]
* TeXmacs Editing platform with special features for scientists. [texmacs home]
* UnRTF Convert Rich Text Format documents to other formats. [unrtf home]
* Wdiff Word difference finder. [wdiff home]
Version control
* Bazaar Version control system supporting both distributed and centralized workflows. [bazaar home]
* CSSC File-based version control like SCCS. [cssc home]
* RCS Per-file local revision control system. [rcs home]
* Vc-dwim Version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool. [vc-dwim home]
* VCDImager Authoring, disassembling and analyzing (super and) video CDs. [vcdimager home]
Web authoring
* Easejs Classical object-oriented framework for JavaScript. [easejs home]
* Emacs-muse Authoring and publishing environment for Emacs. [emacs-muse home]
* GNOWSYS Distributed network-based memory and knowledge management. [gnowsys home]
* phpGrabComics Saves comic strips from the web. [grabcomics home]
* Metahtml Combining HTML and Lisp, specifically designed for Web servers. [metahtml home]
* Xmlat Simple XML for defining and implementing markup languages. [xmlat home]

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[FSFロゴ] “フリーソフトウェアファウンデーション(FSF)は、コンピュータのユーザの自由を促進する世界的なミッションを持つ非営利団体です。わたしたちは、すべてのソフトウェアユーザの権利を守ります。”

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